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FAST Sprint Cup Recap

Kimi Davidson
Jan 21, 2019

FAST Sprint Cup
Meet Recap

Rain or shine, Sharks did an awesome job putting their game face on and stepping up on the block! We went into this meet as a pre-championship meet and came out strong! Over on the 8& under side, they did a great job warming-up properly as we noticed other teams scrambling around. While it went by quick, there weren’t any missed swims and Sasha K. And Sunday B. got placed in the top 3 on a few of there events! For the 9-10 year-olds they did a great job adapting to the meet situations they could control such as checking in with Coach Kimi, staying warm during the rain, and continuing to learn from their races. Also some of the swimmers got a chance to meet an Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer, Jason Lezak (who swam in one of the greatest comeback races of all time) and for me it was a great honor to personally meet him again.

Taking out the 3 skill challenge board this meet was a learning experience that every swimmer still needs to apply the skills that the coaches are asking for to help them be able to swim stronger and faster. What We hope to see in the future is for more Sharks making it back to finals. While the rain in SoCal is not an ordinary weather condition that comes by, I’d like to encourage all parents and swimmers to continue to follow our philosophy at swim meets and that these meets are for the young athletes to gain experience racing, checking their heat and lanes and of course checking in with coaches and practicing their skills in and out of the pool. -Coach Hana

Age Group:
Fresh out of Holiday Training, Age Group did really well at this meet. You have one type of swimmer who may not have gone best times because they pushed themselves so hard during the training period, which is great since we were training through this meet. You have another type of swimmer, who because of the rigors of holiday training, came out with a new found strength and endurance so they were able to produce best times. Both are great by-products of the three weeks of intense training.

This was also a great lesson of prelims and finals right before championship season. Some swimmers in Age Group were able to get second swims at night. Even those who made alternate learned to show up at finals and be prepared because they also got scratched in to swim again. Speaking of finals, parents did a great job stepping up to be a timer since their athlete made it back. -Coach Kimi


With Coach Rachael ill, swimmers reported to Coach Julio and Coach Kimi. They knew exactly what to do in their races based on what they had been working on during practices. There were a lot of swimmers back to finals at night, getting great experience for upcoming championship season meets. The athletes did well with the unique warm-up situations and were prepared for the not so ideal weather conditions. This was an awesome meet to make last minute adjustments to race plans before they hit the final meets of the season. -Coach Julio and Coach Kimi

Senior/National Track:
Going into the meet senior swimmers were coming off of one of the heaviest blocks of training this season. Because of this our goals at this meet were not based on performance i.e. best times, but skills, race strategy, and toughness/grit. It was great to see the Senior Groups step up and display good race strategies and a ton of toughness throughout the meet. -Coach Julio

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