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Tri-Meet Recap

Kimi Davidson
Feb 11, 2019

Alpha Tri-Meet Recap

This past weekend Swim Torrance competed at the Alpha/Blast tri-meet at Loyola Marymount University. The shark group sent 16 athletes to compete and overall the group did amazing!

The athletes overcame some very unpredictable weather and still followed all of my instructions. They stuck to the meet sandwich, which added to the overall success of the group. The Sharks did so well in fact, that we received compliments from fellow coaches about how strong the sharks looked and how their technique was on point.

On the topic of technique, the swimmers all applied the techniques they’ve been working on in practice all year, and it certainly paid off! The sharks not only raced, but also made sure their technique was a focus, which helped in their success.

On a final note, I’d like to personally thank the parents in attendance at the meet. It’s hard to stand back and let your young athlete do their job and take some ownership of their sport, but you all did a fantastic job. I appreciate the support, understanding and respect of the meet guidelines you all adhered to (for example only kids being allowed in the coaches and racing area). And I’d also like to thank you parents for pushing the meet sandwich on our athletes to have them properly warm up and warm down and communicate with their coaches. Overall through the combined efforts of the coaches, athletes and parents, we were able to have a very successful weekend and I look forward to our next big meet. Go Torrance! –Coach Hana

The weather may have been sporadic, but the swims were very consistent. The last two weeks we have been working on thinking about bodyline and hand entry, and it showed up at the meet! Both groups have been more focused in practices since mid-season evaluations, and it is showing in their performances.

Age Group 1 is really beginning to understand not only how to implement a race plan, but also what it feels like. That’s a really mature step at this age, and will really help them when they transition into PreSenior eventually. Age Group 2 did a really nice job racing and applying the stroke technique improvements from this season. This is going to help tremendously going forward into Championship Season.
–Coach Kimi

What a great meet. The PreSeniors showed growth in two major areas during the Alpha Tri Meet. 

The first is more directly swimming-related: Maintaining race details. Our athletes were much more mindful in their approach to race plans, breathing plans, and underwater dolphin kicks. They were able to sustain better quality for longer during their races, and also learned where they need to make improvements and keep working. 

The second is not only important for swimming, but also in life. The PreSeniors dealt with unexpected situations in a confident manner. Athletes had goggles breaking behind the blocks, erratic weather conditions, and thoughts going through their mind that were unexpected and out of their control. The practice of addressing these things while keeping your cool is so important. I am glad the PreSenior athletes got to practice that skill, and proud of how they handled themselves. 

Great meet to all Swim Torrance athletes, and great work by our Swim Torrance support crew for helping to make this meet possible! –Coach Rachael

Great prep for championship meet. Swim Torrance Seniors raced strong with a committed focus on their race strategies and race skills. It was also great practice dealing with conditions which were not ideal. Senior athletes stepped up to the challenge and preformed well. There were many lifetime bests, and improved skills. –Coach Julio