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PAC Champs Recap

Kimi Davidson
Feb 25, 2019


Shark did a tremendous job. All of the swimmers had a great first experience at PAC Champs, and all of them made it back to swim again at finals, so they all scored points for the team. Key made finals in every single event she swam! The boys got a chance to swim relays on both Saturday and Sunday, and both relays placed 3rd! Auggie placed 1stin the 9-10 Boys 50y backstroke and got his first ever Spring JO cut in the 100 backstroke! Way to go Shark, and way to go Shark parents for committing to bring your athletes back for finals. –Coach Kimi

Age Group had a fantastic meet! There were 26 at the meet, which was over 1/3 of the whole team in attendance! The relays looked really strong, with the 11-12 girls having three 1stplace finishes and setting a NEW TEAM RECORD in the 200 Medley with a 2:05.18! Over 50% of AG made it back for second swims at finals, and we had two individual 1stplace finishes with Chloe in the 100 BR and Jack in the 50 BR. We also had an 11-12 in every event offered, both in prelims and in finals, which we’ve never had before.

I’m just as impressed with the athletes’ swims as I am the parents of Age Group. They are always cheering at the end of the lanes, even if the Swim Torrance athlete isn’t their own kid. They bonded in the parent tent section, and also had some meals together after the meet, which gave them even more time to get to know each other while letting their kids socialize outside of swim. The closer the group (swimmers and parents) is, the more successful the group. Way to go Age Group parents! –Coach Kimi

Swim Torrance athletes did a great job kicking off the end of the season at PAC Champs. PreSenior athletes looked particularly strong on the back half of races, and winning close races with competitors in their heats. It was also great having so many athletes qualify for finals. These athletes had the chance to make minor adjustments from their prelims swims, and it was great to see what a huge impact small tweaks made on their finals swims.

Congratulations to all Swim Torrance athletes who participated, and we can’t wait to see our athletes represent at Spring JO’s and Golden State!
–Coach Rachael

We had 11 senior athletes at PAC Champs this year and all 11 had finals swims! There were many best times and big drops. Jason Torok dropped 26.10 sec in the mile on day 1 to get the ball rolling. Another stand out was Corinne Kieser who dropped time in every event she swam and scored 79 points for our team the most out of the seniors.  –Coach Julio

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