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Canyons/NOVA Memorial Day Weekend Recaps

Kimi Davidson

Canyons/NOVA Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Coach Rae:
Age Group had a great first meet of the long course season. Their positivity throughout the whole weekend, even with the rain, was awesome to see - and it showed in their races! Everyone came into the wall with strong finishes, and we had a number of athletes win their heat and come away with a rubber ducky to prove it! A few swimmers even had their debut long course meet and got great experience.

Our 3 Skill Challenge involved working on sub kicks, knowing the starting whistles, and checking in with the coach before and after races. Overall, the three-skill challenge was a success. Each athlete knew what they needed to do to improve and what they did well at the end of each race, so I am excited to see them progress throughout the season! 

Winners were:  AG1: David, Josiah, Joy, Kalona 100%          AG2: Karen, Lilly 100%

Coach Julio:
Shark’s 3 Skill Challenge for the meet was for athletes to check-in with coach before their swims, step up on the block after the long whistle, and have great streamlines in their races. Swimmers struggled the most with checking in and holding their streamlines. With that we had multiple athletes get all 3 stars in all of their swims.

Winners were Allen Liu, Elliott Bravenec, Jacob Vincent, Key Gonzalez

For PreSenior/Senior/Nat Track our focus in this meet was for swimmers to get early season LC experience. Many of our athletes swam best times, which is not typical at this point in the season. Early season meets for senior level athletes are a great way to gage training. We as coaches get to see where each athlete is in reference to our training plan. The expectation at this time of year is never high performance/best times, but instead we are looking for effort and attention to detail. I was most impressed by the high level of focus and attention to race strategies. We have a lot of training to do, but it was an exciting start to the season.

Coach Rachael:
NOVA was an awesome experience. We had a couple swimmers qualify, and one attend. It will be great to see Swim Torrance's presence grow here in the future. There were athletes from the top swim programs in the country, such as Cal, USC, and Team Elite, bringing some fantastic athletes. Ethan got to warm-up, compete with, and observe these swimmers, many of whom will make the Olympic team next spring. He had some great races for the first long course meet of the season, and the experience was also a great way to kick things off!

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