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Torrance Tri-Meet Recap

Kimi Davidson

Torrance Tri-Meet Recap

Shark 1– We had 92% participation at the meet! It was a great showing by our group. Not only did we have almost all of Shark I at the meet, but every Shark I swimmer swam very well. There were many best times and many stars earned in the 3 Skill Challenge, which included, checking-in, streamlining past the flags, and good finishes. Shark I was almost perfect in the challenge. We struggled a little bit with our finishes and streamlines, but did a much better job of checking-in at this meet. Since we had so many winners of the challenge we will have a “FUN” practice this week to celebrate! –Coach Julio

Shark 2– Shark II had a great showing at TUAC this last weekend! Some swimmers braved their very first meet warm-up and came out alive! :) We had some tangible improvements from Canyons - legal breaststroke swims, proper backstroke finishes, and better streamlines off the wall.

Our three skills for this meet were checking in with the coaches, two-hand touches on FL/BR or finishing on our back, and streamlines off the start and walls. We will go over checking in with coaches and the importance of warm-up and cool-down in the next few weeks before our next meet. It was great for the swimmers to have a back to back race weekend and be able to see the improvements, and I hope they had fun in the meantime!

Lastly, thank you to all the parents who helped set up, tear down, and everything in between. Hosting a swim meet means all hands on deck and without your generosity, it would not be possible! We coaches appreciate it and so do your swimmers!  -Coach Rachel

3-Skill Challenge Winners: Girls: Aubrey, Ella   Boys: Caleb

I was very pleased with reports from coaches from the previous meet, so I was looking forward to seeing for myself how Age Group looks this season. Swimmers knew the whistles for starts, almost everybody checked in before and after each race, there were strong sub kicks after starts and turns. So last meet’s 3 Skill Challenge proved to be successful.

This meet’s 3 Skill Challenge was to have consistent kicking throughout the race, maintain proper head position with the correct breathing pattern, and correct, fast finishes. Here are the winners of the 3 Skill Challenge: Age Group 1: David, Ryoka, Calvin, Kalona  Age Group 2: Mayu

While the swimmers really went for it and did a great job executing the race plan, I’m more proud of our parent members behind the scenes. Thank you to all the parents who stepped up and filled roles they have maybe never taken on before. You guys ran a really successful meet, and we definitely cannot do it without your help. –Coach Kimi

Pre Senior 1– First, all of our families, board members, and parent volunteers did an amazing job taking care of business for this meet. Everyone worked together, pulled their weight, and everything in our control went smoothly. Thank you, thank you!!! 

The swimmers did a great job as well! PreSeniors were faced with competing in events that they had less experience with, and were generally longer than what some may be used to. Nevertheless, they stepped up to the blocks, swam smart races, and executed race details that we have been working on in practice. They did a particularly good job with race finishes. We will continue to work on underwater dolphin kicks and fast turns for the coming meets. Great work Swim Torrance Families and Swimmers! –Coach Rachael

Pre Senior 2- Pre-Senior II rocked the TUAC meet, putting to work a lot of the race strategies and technique work we have been training at practice. From the first race of the day to the last, each swimmer who came to chat had a smile on their face and was prepared to make improvements based on what we discussed. Fast walls are an important aspect of swimming, and we will be working on those in practice. There was some strong racing happening, and I loved to see these guys and girls enjoying swimming fast and racing their teammates!

Thank you to all of the parents, who kindly give their time to make meets like this one possible, and for allowing us coaches to be 100% focused on the swimmers. We could not do it without you! –Coach Rachel

Senior/National Track
Similar to the Canyons meet, this was a great first step into competing long course. These competitions are all about effort. Senior swimmers can look at these meets as high intensity training days. Our focus is putting our best race strategies together with our best effort. That will give the swimmers the best possible data to take back to training. With that, we had many new best times and are on track to have a very successful long course season. –Coach Julio

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