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TSM Meet Recap

Brian Timmerman

TSM Meet Recap: Cheers to our Swim Torrance swimmers for starting out the season right w strong performances last weekend. Thanks parents for your help, support and awesome timing ability. 




There were many first timers at TSM and everyone made it to their events, not one missed! Daniela K. in Shark 2 won all her heats on day 1 and got three duckies to show for her efforts. The 3 skills challenge winner for the TSM Meet was Jacob V. of Shark 1 and several swimmers were close with 1-3 stickers away from 100% in both Shark 1 and Shark 2! 

Everyone had strong kicking in their races, however we have to review backstroke turns and two hand touches for breaststroke events as DQ's came in for those two infractions. The swimmers quickly realized this and talked to me about their DQ, I am confident they will remember these skills for their events in the IMX/IMR meet! 


Age Group:

Swimmers did a great job at the first meet of the season! We had a lot of fun and saw great racing. The 3 Skill Challenge proved to be a tough one with only 2 people in both groups doing all three skills for each event. That just means swimmers can use the feedback from after races and apply it in practice for the next two weeks leading up to IMX/IMR.


Parents, you did a fantastic job of representing our team. A lot of other teams had parents hovering behind the blocks during warm-up, and you guys did a great job of being across the pool and allowing your kids to focus on getting ready for the meet. You also did a great job wearing our team apparel! I saw a lot of those nice, new parent jackets. Thank you for supporting your swimmer and our program!


The 3-Skill Challenge winners were:

Age Group 1 - Kayla T & Connor N (100%)

Age Group 2 - Kanoa A (72%)



Pre-Senior Group: 

Pre-seniors showed up at the first meet back in short course, with lots of first timers in 200s - which means best times! We’ve been emphasizing sub kicks since day 1 this season and it showed in everyone's races. I am happy to report that we also have a new team record broken by Janna Lu in the 100 back with a 1:03.3, which also won her the event - way to go, Janna! 


Senior/National Groups:

This was the first meet of the season for many of our Senior group swimmers. We raced sprint events (50 free, 100s of stroke, 200 free, 200 IM) at this meet and the speed was there. We spent most of Sept. working on body position/kicking drills and emphasizing correct technique in all four strokes. Despite training long course, our turns and sub-kicks looked pretty sharp, but I’m sure we’ll see improvement as the season progresses and we move to short course training. Cheers to Bruce, Jude and Ben for achieving 7 out of 7 personal best times. Sonia made her Swim Torrance debut and swam to 5 personal bests. Next meet,(IMX) we move on to the longer races for 200s of stroke and 400 IM/500 free. 

Our National track swimmers and some Senior groupers who competed at Senior Race Series the week before joined us on Sunday for a 400 IM/500 mid-distance double. Sohyeon took 17 seconds off her personal best in the 500 free in one week w a 5:28. Jack woke at 300 yards in his 500 free and brought it home in a 1:51 over the last 200 yards for a negative split, but a strong, positive finish to the weekend.