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Level 3

2021-2022 Swim Torrance Registration

Welcome to the Swim Torrance Registration for the 2021-2022 swim season! 

Before Registering:

  • New Members - You cannot register until 9/8. You must complete a tryout with Coach Chantal ([email protected]) and receive results prior to registering.
    • If you are joining Splash Club - Endurance - Register by going back to the home page of the Swim Torrance website, then click the Meet/Event button below the main page photos. Find the event titled "Splash Club - Endurance Session 1." You can find more detailed info there and register there.

During Registration: (Level 1-3, Shark, Age Group, PreSenior, and Senior)

  • Read and complete agreements
  • Set up your private online account for your family
    • Choose electronic payment (credit card, debit card, or bank account)
      • Future payments will be deducted automatically
    • Allows you to sign up for meets and volunteer jobs, see entries and event times, maintain your contact information, and more
    • Option to be a part of member directory (other members can view)
  • Pay: 1st installment of dues + Family Commitment Fee + USA Swimming Registration Fee

After Registration:

  • New Members, verify swimmer(s) DOB via passport or birth certificate on deck with Coach Kimi
  • Coach Kimi will verify your registration and then you're a member of Swim Torrance!
    • You will receive an email with login/password info
    • Account goes on Swim Torrance e-mail list to receive up-to-date team info
  • You can begin purchasing team apparel and equipment
    • Caps from Coach Chantal ([email protected])
    • Team apparel can be found on our website under Team Store
    • Practice equipment, Team suit, & Team parka from The Swim Guy Store
  • Your swimmer will receive a registration package with some Swim Torrance goodies in mid-Sept.


Registration and steps listed above must be complete in order for your swimmer to attend practice.