Hard work

Level 3


Please see your group's weekly e-mail for the most accurate information.

2022 Long Course

      - Team Break - April 3rd through April 10th
      - Memorial Day - Monday, May 30th Plunge is closed
      - Independence Day - Monday, July 4th GMAC is closed
      - Team Break - Sunday, August 7th through Sunday, August 21st

  • All workouts are subject to change.
  • You must be a registered USA Swimming member to attend practice.
  • In the registration process, you agreed to the Swim Torrance Liability Waiver
  • If you're at the Plunge, you should have already turned in a Plunge Waiver before entering the pool deck.
  • If you're at GMAC, you should have read their waiver/liability form
  • Parents must drop-off and pick-up their swimmer(s) on time.

Fines will be imposed for those who are waiting to be picked up more that 15 min after the conclusion of their practice. 1st offense will be a warning. 2nd offense will be at the prevailing city rate of $10 per every 15 minutes late, 2nd offense fine of double this prevailing rate. After 3rd offense, parents will meet with Head Coach Kimi Davidson and the Board about possible suspension or dismissal from the team with no funds returned.