Hard work

Level 3


Board of Directors Roles

President: Oscar Gonzalez

Duties include

  • Preside over all Board Meetings
  • Be an official representative of Swim Torrance
  • Have the authority to appoint member of sub-committees
  • Serve as an Ex-officio member of the Financial Oversight Committee
  • Serve on the Arbitration Panel

Vice President/Secretary: Judy Maylone

Duties include:

  • Keep accurate minutes of all Board Meetings
  • Inform the membership of meeting times, dates, and locations
  • Initiate all required correspondence
  • Chair any meetings at which the President is absent
  • Perform any and all duties assigned by the President


Treasurer: Beth Chobdee

Duties include:

  • Receive and deposit all moneys from dues, fees, credit, assessments, fundraisers, and other activities in a timely manner
  • Provide a financial report at each Board Meeting
  • Provide a detailed financial statement at each annual meeting
  • Dispense moneys as authorized by the Board of Directors
  • Serve as Ex-officio member of the Financial Oversight Committee
  • Submit an annual budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors
  • Report delinquent Members to the Head Coach and Coaching Staff
  • Notify Parent Member, in writing, by phone, email, or other written communication, of any delinquency and that failure to correct the delinquency may result in suspension or expulsion
  • Maintain the Membership roster
  • Appoint Members to a "learn" to assist in the duties of Treasurer including but not limited to: Tracking service hours, Assisting with Membership registration and USA Swimming registration


2 Members at Large: Gloria Mikelson & Jennifer Maeda

Duties include:

  • Coordinate special projects and work with Board members and Coaching staff to learn the positions, process, and management of the Board of Directors, the swim team, and become familiar with the rules and regulations of USA Swimming