Hard work

Level 3

Hosted Meet Duties



Chair and Committee duties:

  • Help the Board and Coaching staff plan for and organize the meet
  • Help admin with what they need to run the meet successfully
  • Before the meet, find out if the pool has a functioning scoreboard
    -if not, find a back-up scoreboard and operator​
  • Go with the Board to the storage unit to account for items we already have, then figure out what we still need and delegate those tasks


Day of positions and duties:
*All positions should wear Swim Torrance apparel*
**All positions count toward your 16 hour volunteer hours**

  • Job Coordinator
    Make sure members signed up for positions are where they need to be when they need to be
    -If someone cannot fulfill their designated slot, find their replacement
  • Admin Runner
    -post results and heat sheets
    -help admin

  • Announcer
    -make announcements during the meet (general, event, each heat, swimmers)

  • Bring Tents - family swimming in the 1st session of the meet
    -pick up tents before the meet at the storage unit - contact Coach Kimi to set up time and day

    -must be able to fit 1-2 tents, buckets, clipboard, and bungee cords in vehicle
  • Take Home Tents - family swimming in Sunday PM session
    -tear down tents
    -take them back to the storage unit - contact Coach Kimi to set up time and day

    -must be able to fit 1-2 tents, buckets, clipboard, and bungee cords in vehicle
  • Event/Heat Changer - if scoreboard is not available or working
    - manually operate a sign that notifies the patrons of what event and heat the meet is on
  • Concessions
    -serve food to meet patrons
    -handle money

  • Hospitality
    -run hospitality, which includes serving food to coaches, officials, and admin
  • Deck Marshall
    -keep the area moving behind the blocks
    -keep the warm-up/warm-down area near the pool clear for swimmers and make sure they enter safely

  • Heat Winner Awards
    -monitor and hand out heat winner awards after each heat

  • Check-in table (athletes)
    -sit at a table and check swimmers into their events at the beginning of each session
  • Check-in table (volunteers)/Ribbons
    -sit at a table and check volunteers into their job sign-up roles throughout the meet
    -get the printed labels from admin and place them on corresponding ribbons for each team
  • Head Timer
    -run two stopwatches at the beginning of each heat in case the timers forget to start their own
  • Timer
    shifts can be between 45 minutes to an 1.5 hours
    -each family is required to time 1 shift per session each day their child is swimming in the meet

    -parents with more than one child entered in the meet may be required to time additional shifts depending on the number of swimmers and corresponding available parents
    -stand/sit while operating a stopwatch and/or plunger