Hard work

Level 3

Swim-A-Thon Positions



Chair and Committee duties:

  • Meet the needs of the Board and Coaching Staff in regards to details and deadlines
  • Create a list of prizes in relation to earned amounts that correlates with cost of product
  • Help organize, educate, and listen at Fundraising Friday
  • Help members create their profile link
  • Create templates and standards for the Board and Coaches to reach out to companies
  • Keep track of top earners per week and hype up the membership to continue to earn

Day of positions and duties:

  • Set up
    -Set up the tents and food tables
  • Clean up
    ​-Break down the tents and food tables
    -Clean up the team area around the Plunge
  • Bring food - enough to serve at least 10 people
    -hot entree
    -side dish/salad/vegetable
    -drinks & extras

  • Food server
    -serve the food to swimmers and families after they have completed the Torch 200

  • Lap counter
    -keep track of the 200 laps for the swimmer(s)