Hard work

Level 3

Welcome Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Swimmers and Parents!

1. Parent Meeting: Wed., Sept 29th at GMAC; exact times TBD

2. Equipment List: Your swimmers should have this equipment by the end of week 2. Click the links below for each group's list.

​3.Attendance Expectations:

  • Level 1: attend as many practices as possible for learning purposes, mock meets encouraged
  • Level 2: attend as many practices as possible for learning purposes, meets encouraged
  • Level 3: attend as many practices as possible for learning & endurance purposes, meets encouraged

All equipment needs to have your swimmer's name labeled on it. You can purchase all equipment at The Swim Guy store (15900 Inglewood Ave - only 3 miles from the Plunge).

You can purchase caps by emailing Coach Chantal. Specify if you want silicone ($15) or latex ($6) and which color (black is for practice, red is for meets). Don't forget to change your swimmer's shirt size in their member profile on our website.

If your athlete has a goal of transitioning to the competitve side of the team, they should try to meet the practice and meet attendance expectations of the desired group to show they are able to meet that commitment.

4. Read the Weekly E-mail: THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW. You will receive an e-mail every Monday with important information like the practice schedule for the week (shouldn't change much week to week).

5. Level 1 Mock Meets: For Level 1, at the end of the session, your swimmer will have an opportunity to be in a mock-meet. It really helps not only the swimmers, but also parents understand what the competitive team goes through at swim meets. The swimmers learn about check-in, reading a heat sheet, the whistles for starts, how event #'s work, and they get to race.

Parents learn about timing, which seems to be a fear, but this is where you can understand how easy it is. They also learn about what is involved in setting up a meet, and tearing down a meet. These are important, as we plan on hosting more meets at TUAC as your swimmers get older and hopefully transition to the competitive team.

6. Level 2 & 3 Meets: 
If your swimmer is in Level 2 or Level 3, they are able to invited to attend specific meets throughout the season, which are optional (detailed info to be sent in weekly email). For those meets, they need to have the correct Meet Shirts. Those can be ordered through Board President Oscar Gonzalez. He needs to know what size and what color (red, black, white). Each shirts is $10, or you can buy all three together for $25.For

6. 10 Tips for Sports Parents:  This season you will learn about our team culture, philosophies, and what being a Swim Torrance parent is all about. So here is your first Parent Education opportunity. Click here for an awesome, yet simple graphic.


Go Swim Torrance!