Hard work

Level 3

Swim Torrance Senior 1 & 2 swimmers and families


1. Parent meeting: Wed., Sept 29 at GMAC; exact time TBD

2. Practice Attendance: Senior 1 = 7/7           Senior 2 = 5/7
For Senior 2, keep in mind, the minimum is there for your progression and commitment within the program. If you would like to attend 6/7, we encourage it. If you're considering Senior 1 or college swimming eventually, then we encourage showing coaches that you're able to go 7/7 as much as possible.

3. USA Swimming Motivational Standards:  The reason for our focus on these standards is to make sure we are aligned with USA Swimming and focused on our goal of competing at a National level. They are based on national time averages. The standards are designated by letter, ranging from “B” up to “AAAA”. In total, there are 5 different designations: B, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA. You can find the standards by clicking here. Make sure you are looking at Short Course Yards.

4. Update shirt size in TU: Remember to update you swimmer's t-shirt size in TU, as swimmers tend to grow at this age.

5. Equipment: Click here for the lists. Now is the perfect time to online order missing equipment or contact The Swim Guy. This includes having a team suit for regular, in-season meets.

6. Weekly E-mail: Swimmers should be reading the weekly email, as well as the parents, to understand what's coming up and any team or group annoucements. We will also begin highlighting specfic universities and colleges that have swimming programs as part of parent education. You are in high school, and with one of our program goals being that we want our athletes to have the opportunity to swim for college programs, it's important to see some options you may or may not have heard of before.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Brian.