Hard work

Level 3
Welcome PreSenior to the 2021-2022 Short Course Season!


We will be at GMAC the first week back, August 23-28th. We will move to the Plunge the following week, starting August 30th forward.  

Practice attendance and swim meet requirements:  

Pre-Senior I: 5/6 (minimum of 5 practices/week, with potential of 7, by invite to morning practice)  Swim Meets: 100% attendance to all qualified meets, with the goals of competing in WAG, PAC Champs, Spring JO's and aiming for Sectionals. 

Pre-Senior II: 4/6 (minimum of 4 practices/week) Swim Meets: Attend one meet a month, with goals of competing in PAC Champs. 

Important Info:

Parent Meeting: TBD. See the TU Meets/Events page for more details.

Basic Expectations:

1. Show up and take ownership... On time, prepared with all equipment, mentally and physically present to swim. Take ownership for your swimming, the actions you perform in and out of the pool.

2.  Do the Work with Intention... Know sets and intervals, understand why we are doing them, complete with intention, and ask questions before the set starts.

3.  Contribute Positively... Every person on the pool deck contributes to the atmosphere of the team. There are no uninfluential members, everyone either adds or detracts. Always lift the atmosphere in some way and minimize any negative impact you feel that day.

TORCH Values + Intention: Teamwork, Ownership, Respect, Commitment, Hard WorkWhile all five of these values are keys to success, we will be adding intention to our season focus for pre-senior. Intention will provide a why to the TORCH values.

Ownership is a trait that will be developed in pre-senior. This means swimmers should be communicating with their coach about missing practices, coming late, leaving early, or other conflicts that might come up. They should also be reading the weekly emails every Monday. Weekly emails will contain education sections for both swimmers and parents, including videos, photos, and/or written portions, that are important to note and may be referenced at practice.   

Team Swag

  • Have an Arena team suit to wear to swim meets
  • Please update your child's shirt size on TeamUnify account to reflect their current size, so that our registration shirts will have the correct size!
  • Swimmers need to have a red, black, and white shirt to be able to match shirt orders at swim meets, in addition to the t-shirt received with registration! You can order these from Board President Oscar Gonzalez.

PE Exemption Forms

We are happy to help with these for your child's school! Please fill out all form information before we get them, so that we can sign our names and hand you a copy of our certifications and quickly return them to you!


I am happy to talk with you about any of this information, and beyond. Please email me at [email protected], and I aim to get back to you within 24 hours. If you would like to meet in person, please email me to set up a time. 


*These items should be brought to practice every day, labeled with your child's name! 

  • Suit
  • Goggles
  • Cap (Practice cap is black, meet cap is red)
  • Spare goggles & cap
  • Mesh bag with the following items:
    • kickboard, buoy, paddles, fins, snorkel
  • Tennis shoes & athletic clothes... even if we don't have dryland, we need these for activation and core work