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Welcome Shark Swimmers and Parents 

to the

2021-2022 Short Course Season

I am so excited to be lead coach for both Shark groups and the division lead for the 2021-2022 Short Couse season! 

1. Parent Meeting: Wed., Sept 29th at GMAC; exact time TBD

2. National Motivational Time Standards: These time standards are created by USA Swimming every four years. They have a great progression of B, BB, A, AA, AAA, AAAA. An "A" time is the national average, and a "AAAA" is the top 10% of the country. Click here to see the standards, and make sure you're looking at the ones for short course yards.

3. Practice attendance requirements:  Shark 1 = 3/5 (preferred 4/5 for learning)        Shark 2 = 2/4 (preferred 3/4 for learning)
There is a minimum because we want your athletes to continue making progress. We encourage going more than the minimum to further learning opportunities and building endurance. 

4. Equipment List: Your athletes should have this equipment by the end of Week 2. Click here to see the lists.

All equipment needs to have your swimmer's name labeled on it. At this age, swimmers are learning to keep track of their equipment and it helps them and their teammates to know who's is who! 
**Don't forget to change your swimmer's shirt size in TU if needed...they are growing!**

Also for meets, make sure you have purchased the meet shirts.

5. Swim Meets: As a member of the Shark Groups, you have agreed to be on the COMPETITIVE team. Going to meets is part of being on a year-round program, and helps track progress from practices. Please see the Meets/Events page on TU for the schedule. Shark 1 should attend 1 meet a month with a goal of competing in WAG, PAC Champs, and Spring JOs. Shark 2 should try to attend at least 3 out of 4 meets by the end of 2021 and have either PAC Champs and/or Finale as their short course end-of-season-meet.

6. Watching practice: We would love for you to watch your swimmer practice. Just be aware the affect your presence has on your swimmer. We are trying to instill the T.O.R.C.H. values, which are Teamwork, Ownership, Respect, Commitment, and Hard work. Please avoid trying to get your swimmer’s attention from the parent viewing area if you want them to learn these things. Your presence does sometimes helps coaches because your swimmer may try harder because they know you’re watching. Try not to tell them when you’re going to watch. Allow your swimmer to become independent and trust the process, as well as respect the relationship between swimmer and coach.

Also, know what you’re watching. Our focus of the week could involve catch, and you may be wondering why your athlete’s head position is bouncing around. We will get there. We have 1-2 focus points each week. It’s a process, and at the Shark level, it’s about learning the FUNdamentals!

7. Read the Weekly E-mail: THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW. You will receive an e-mail every Monday afternoon regarding five main topics: Practice Schedule, Meet Schedule, Shark announcements, Swim Torrance announcements, and Parent Education. READ THE ENTIRE EMAIL. It takes less than 10 minutes. Both Shark swimmers (encouraged) and parents should be reading the weekly email.

8. Have your kid communicate: Also in trying to instill the T.O.R.C.H. values, we want Shark swimmers to begin practicing swimmer-coach communication, encourage them to be the ones telling coaches why they are late, why they are going to miss practice, or why they have missed practice. It builds interpersonal communication skills, as well as holds them accountable for their absences. Parents can email about why your swimmer is not at practice. 

9. The Big 3: For Shark, the Big 3 Rules are as follows:
            1. Swimmers need to help pack their own bags (to practice responsibility), and help carry their own bags (child can carry at least one bag!)
            2. Swimmers to memorize one of their parents (mom, dad, grandparent, guardian, etc.) phone number
            3. Hustle to join the group if you're late.

10. 10 Tips for Sports Parents: As you’ll see in the weekly e-mails, we do a lot of parent education. Not only do we do education for your swimmers, but we also want you to learn about our team culture, philosophies, and what being a Swim Torrance parent is all about. So here is your first Parent Education opportunity. Click here for an awesome, yet simple graphic.

Go Swim Torrance!