Select Swim Summer High School Swim Program

Registration opens June 25, 2020


Who - This program is open to:

  1. Swimmers currently on a high school swimming program that would like to continue to train during summer break.
  2. Swimmers with swimming experience that will be trying out for their high school swimming program in August.
  3. There are a limited amount of slots.  Registration will close when the groups are full.

What - We will cover racing and technique improvement, and energy system development.


  1. June 25 ~ August 8
    1. ​BT
  2. Session times:
    1. ​9:15am ~10:15am Monday ~ Saturday


  1. Bent Tree West Swim & Tennis Club - 18018 Voss Rd, Dallas Tx

How (Much?) - Session fees:

  1.  $300

Special Notes: 

  1.  COVID-19 Protocols - All swimmers will be expected to follow the following protocols:
    1. ​Wear a mask at all times except while swimming.
    2. Maintain social distancing at all times
    3. Dressing rooms are closed.  Swimmers must arrive and leave the facility in their swim suits.
    4. Sign all COVID-19 Liability Waivers and return them digitally to before they will  be allowed to swim.
    5. All swimmers will submit to temperature checks and health screenings before each practice.
    6. Failure to follow COVID-19 Protocols will result in removal from the program with no refunds.
  2. Fees
    1. $150 of will be charged at registration.  This fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
    2. The remaining $150 will be charged on the first day of practice (June 29th).  Refunds will be prorated only if the swimming facility closes due to order by the city, county, state, or national government mandate.
  3. Group:
    1. ​Register for the "Summer Seasonal - June & July" Group

Select Swim reserves the right to make changes to the practice schedule


 USA Swimming requires a photocopy of a birth certificate or other legal document stating the athlete’s legal name and date of birth be provided at the first practice.  Swimmers are required to register with USA Swimming and Select Team of Aquatic Racers to participate.