Join the Select Team of Aquatic Racers!



LISD Eastside Aquatic Center (5729 Memorial Dr., The Colony, TX 75056): Tuesday, Tuesday, April 19th @ 7:10pm

Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis Club (18018 Voss Rd., Dallas, TX 75287): Thursday, April 21st @ 5:10pm


Ages 7-18 ONLY

If you are a USAS transfer swimmer with a solid competition history, please contact our Tryout Coordinator at [email protected] Provide your swimmer's full name, age, USAS ID#, expiration date, current team, and location you are interested in.

Ages 7-10: must be able to swim 25 meters unassisted.

Ages 10-18: must be able to swim 25 meters of all 4 strokes correctly and have some endurance. Previous competitive experience (school team, summer league team, etc.) is preferred, but not required.

LISD Required Documents: You must email all 4 documents to [email protected] by Monday, April 18th at 8:00pm:

  1. Tryout Form
  2. Waiver 1
  3. Waiver 2
  4. A copy of a birth certificate or other proof of birthdate (passport, etc.)


Bent Tree West Required Documents: You must email all 4 documents to [email protected] by Wednesday, April 20th at 8:00pm:

  1. Tryout Form
  2. Waiver 1
  3. Waiver 2
  4. A copy of a birth certificate or other proof of birthdate (passport, etc.)


  1. LISD Eastside Aquatic Center: 5729 Memorial Dr, The Colony, TX 75056
  2. Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis Club: 18018 Voss Rd, Dallas, TX 75287

One of our permanent locations, CFBISD Natatorium (1334 Valwood Pkwy, Carrollton, TX 75006) is still closed. Swimmers for that location are currently practicing only at the Bent Tree West Swim and Tennis club. 


  • COVID-19 Tryout Protocols:
    • ​Only 1 parent may accompany each swimmer at Bent Tree West. No parents may accompany the swimmer at LISD.
    • Every swimmer and parent is required to wear a mask, regardless of age. NO EXCEPTIONS. Swimmers must wear masks upon entering and exiting the facility, but not when swimming.
    • Every swimmer will have their temperature checked and a parent will be required to answer a health screening questionnaire.
    • Every swimmer trying out will be required to fill out some forms for the tryout. Please contact our tryout coordinator for more details.
  • Our practices include frequent cleanings, social distancing at all times, and limited number of swimmers per lane
  • Please contact [email protected] for any questions or to set up a private tryout.
  • To find out more information about how Select Swim is keeping swimmers safe during the age of Coronavirus (COVID-19), you can watch our webinar:


Look at the 'Locations' tab to see where we swim! Look at the 'Pre Competition Groups' and 'Competition Groups' under the 'Groups/Try Outs' tab to learn more about the levels and locations that Select Swim offers.

Try-outs for the team involve the swimmer meeting one of our coaches and going through a brief swim where they demonstrate their swimming skills. Based upon the try-out, the coach recommends the work-out group best suited for the swimmer. Swimmers must be accompanied by a parent during the try-out. A photocopy of the swimmer's birth certificate, or other legal document showing the swimmer's full name and date of birth, needs to be provided to the team at the try-out.

USASwimming requires a photocopy of a birth certificate or other legal document stating the athlete’s legal name and date of birth be provided at try-outs.

When considering a swimming program ask about...

Flexibility- We recognize the importance of a kid being a kid. Among young swimmers there are high priority things like birthday parties, soccer games, scouts, etc. We encourage these activities and have a practice schedule that works with you.

Record of Achievement- The Select Team of Aquatic Racers in its short tenure has produced US Open, USA Swimming Junior Nationals, USA Swimming Futures Championships, and USA Swimming Sectional qualifiers.  In addition, our coaching staff has coached several Texas Age-Group Championships (TAGS) high point winners and event champions. 

Team Focus- Ours is to develop a program for each swimmer based on their skill, age and interest. It is our belief that swimming with the Select Team of Aquatic Racers develops many enduring life skills which include self discipline, goal setting, sportsmanship, teamwork, nutritional awareness, confidence, persistence, responsibility, time management, concentration, conditioning, and positivity.

Are We Having Fun Yet?
We just don't go to practices and swim meets! Annually the team coordinates a number of special activities for members.

Examples include -

  • Season kick-off picnic
  • Annual swimmer recognition banquet
  • Pre-meet fire up parties
  • Holiday party
  • Monthly Social Outings for Groups
  • Summer out of town trip to meet