Select Swim Volunteer Policy

The mandatory volunteer policy is as follows:

  • Each family with a member on the competitive team will be required to volunteer 20 hours by July 31, 2023

  • Each family with a member on the pre-competitive team will be required to volunteer 10 hours by July 31, 2023

  • Hours will be counted by family/account, not by member.

  • Volunteer Requirement Penalty assess would be $400 for the year (billed on July 31st).

  • If you are short hours, you will be charged $400 at the end of the year. The full amount will be charged, regardless of the number of hours you still owe. For example, if you owe 1 hour or 20, it will still be $400.

  • Hours will be prorated in the event a family is not a member during the entire swim year based upon registration date and termination notice. The family will be billed at the time Select Swim is notified a family is leaving the team.

  • Volunteer hours can be found on the 'Events' Page. Events with volunteer opportunities will have a green 'Job Signup' button.


Volunteer Opportunities:

Meet Operations

  1. Awards: Places the labels on the awards (ribbons or medals) and divides up the awards by team for coaches’ pickup after meet.
  2. Concessions: Sells concessions food to spectators. Must manage money and keep track of what is sold.
  3. Head Timer: Job Description: The Head Timer will start two watches at the beginning of every race, then looks over the line of timers. If a timer has a watch malfunction, they will raise their hands and the Head Timer will get a good watch to them immediately. The head timer will also organize the stop watches and clipboards prior to the meet starting.
  4. Hospitality: Job Description: The club is expected to provide food and drinks for the officials and team coaches. The Hospitality volunteer will stay in hospitality to make sure there is enough food and drinks available. Let a Select coach or volunteer coordinator know if more food/drinks are needed in hospitality. 
  5. Information Booth (DASA Meet Only): Volunteers at the information booth will provide information about Select Swim to interested prospective swimmers. Information and handouts will be provided.
  6. Timer: 2 timers per lane are required. A timer uses a stopwatch and will be asked to simultaneously manually push a button at the end of each race to stop the timing system. The head timer assists all timers by providing a backup stopwatch if needed. This is a very important job. Without timers we can’t run the meet. Timers assure that each swimmer will get an official time for their race. You will be trained on deck. It isn’t difficult – all you need are two opposable thumbs! There are always two timers per lane so the responsibility averages out. Timing involves starting the stopwatch on the start and stop it on the finish. Also, there is a button (plunger) that is connected to the timing system that will also need to be pressed at the finish. You will write down the time (or memorize it to write moments later), clear your watch, and be ready to start all over again with the next race. Timers are expected to time the entire session. You will be provided snack and drinks and you will also be able to have bathroom breaks.
  7. Parking Monitor: The parking monitor will help guide the cars through the parking lot prior to the meet. Once the parking lot is full, direct the cars to park in lines in the field behind the pool. Do not allow any cars to park in the fire lane.
  8. Ready Bench (DASA Meet Only): Volunteers at the ready bench are responsible for organizing the swimmers into the appropriate heats and lanes prior to them swimming. They will also walk swimmers over to the blocks. Coaches are not allowed in the ready bench area.
  9. Runner: A runner will post heat sheets and results as directed by the administrative referee or computer operator. The runner also distributes timing sheets to the timers and picks up the timing sheets after each event. The runner also serves to relay messages from meet personnel who cannot leave their posts.
  10. Safety Monitor: Monitors the pool, pool deck, locker rooms and public areas of the pool during the meet in accordance with USA Swimming rules. Specifically, only swimmers and identified personnel (with nametags) allowed on deck. No playing in the warm-up pool, etc.



  1. Tryout Volunteer: Tryout volunteers will assist coaches at Open Tryouts. Volunteers will greet prospective swimmers, pass out clipboards, pens, and tryout forms. They may also point prospective swimmers in the direction of the appropriate coach while directing parents to the stands to watch the tryout if interested. Volunteers should be friendly with all prospective families and attempt to best answer any questions that they may be asked. 


Stands Watcher: 

  1. LISD Stands Watcher: LISD Stands watcher is a vital position so parents and other spectators have access to the stands during practices. It is policy at LISD that there must be a stands watcher for parents and other spectators to have access to the stands. Stands watcher will be responsible for monitoring the hallway behind the stands and ensuring that none of the side doors are opened for entry or exit.



  1. Officials: Officials are vital to smooth meet operation for meets hosted and attended by Select. Officials must attend a Stroke & Turn Clinic, complete training, and complete shadowing hours before becoming an official. While at meets, officials will watch meets on deck and ensure that swims are conducted according to the rulebook.


Team Operations:

  1. Ribbon Sorter: Ribbon sorter will receive a bag of ribbons from previous meets as well as a list of swimmers that attended the meet. Ribbons will first be sorted by swimmer (as the name appears on the label on the back of the ribbon), placed into a bag with the swimmer's name, and then the bags with swimmers names will be placed in a bag for each pool location.