Interested in joining YSSC?  Here is the guideline that you will need to pursue a spot on the BEST YMCA Swim Team in the entire country! 

  • All our practice groups and times are located at the Middle Tyger YMCA (MTY)

  • Email Coach Wendy, [email protected] to setup a time for the placement swim.  During the placement swim, a member of the coaching staff will be evaluating the 4 competitive strokes and determine the group that will best serve their needs as a swimmer to flourish in our program!

YSSC is looked at by USA swimming as one of the best developmental programs in the entire country.  The Staff is dedicated to the sport of swimming and to each and every child in our program (350+). 

Swim Team Members are also YMCA of Greater Spartanburg members.  Here is a copy of the YMCA Membership Policy. - YMCA SWIMMER ELIGIBILITY HANDOUT

Come join something special today!

Here  are some of our TEAM accolades over the years:

10x in a Row South Carolina Short Course State Champions (2005-2014)
7x in a Row South Carolina Long Course State Champions (2007-2013)
6x in a Row South Carolina Open Water State Champions (2009-2014)
Won all 9 State Banners 4 Years in a Row (2010-2013)
2014 Short Course Combined Team National Champions
2014 Short Course Womens Team National Champions
2013 YMCA Long Course National Champions
2012 YMCA Long Course National Champions
2011 YMCA Long Course National Champions
2012 USA Swimming Gold Medal Club 2013 Silver Medal Club
2006-2009 YMCA Long Course National Champions