Articles for Parents

Under this section you will find important documents that you can download and print for your records about being a great Swim Team Parent not only to your swimmer but to you club. Most articles can be found on usaswimming.org. 

Link to USA Swimming's Parent Section


10 Commandments for Swimming Parents   [37kb/PDF]
Possibly one of the greatest guidelines for all swimming parents.

Motivating Swimmers the Right Way  [14kb/PDF]

Fast Swim Suits and Age Group Swimmers  [31kb/PDF]

USA Swimming Strategies For Parents  [441kb/PDF]

Understanding Young Athletes Growth and Development In The Sport  [254kb/PDF]

How to Sign Up and Pay for Swim Meets at YSSC

Parenting Video - This video is meant for Gymnastic Parents but is definitely great for swimming parents as well. All YSSC parents should listen to this 6min video with 8 great points on how to be a Great Swimming Parents!