Yucaipa Swim Team Annual Volunteer Obligation Policy

4 hours per calendar year and 9 hours per (age group) home meet. Age-Group families must volunteer an annual 4 hours participating in activities listed below. This is separate from the 9 hours required for each Age Group Home Meet. These hours are an annual commitment and will not be prorated should you take time off or leave the team. If your family fails to fulfill your requirement you will be assessed a $50 per hour fee for the balance remaining at the end of the calendar year. This amount will be invoiced in the January billing cycle or on the day your swimmer leaves the program.

These are preapproved opportunities to meet your annual 4 hour volunteer obligation:
❖ Transporting EZ Ups to and from away meets.
❖ Serving on a committee - Fundraising, Parties, Parades.
❖ Office Supply Donations (must be authorized by Administrator)
❖ YST social events such as parties, banquets, swimmer appreciation nights etc.
❖ Participation in various Yucaipa community service projects and events.
❖ Any hours volunteered over the required 9 hours at home meet.
❖ All other hours are to be pre-approved by the Team Administrator and two board members.

Home Meet Volunteer Requirements

In order to run an age-group home meet properly it is mandatory for all families to volunteer a minimum of 9 hours.
You can anticipate a minimum of one home meet per short course and long course season. Your family is required to volunteer regardless of whether or not your swimmer(s) participate in the meet. There are many volunteer opportunities at home meets, including opportunities before the meet days.   Any time over the 9 hours will be put towards the family’s yearly 4 hours.  Failure to complete these hours will result in your account being charged $50 per hour . Accounts will be automatically charged within a 2 month billing cycle post-meet. Any hours worked at a Masters or Paralympic meet will be put towards the family’s annual hours. Masters swimmers are required to work 2 hours at Masters Home Meet and participate in the annual swim-a-thon fundraiser. Failure to meet this requirement will result an automatic charge of $50 per hour not worked. Masters can serve at another meet with prior notice to team administrator.

Away Meet Volunteering

Your family is required to provide a volunteer timer at all away meets that your swimmer(s) participates in. This time is not included in your annual volunteer hours. A list of timing chair assignments will be emailed to you prior to the meet. If you are unable to work your assigned time it is YOUR responsibility to find someone to time for you.

The penalties for failing to meet the timing requirement are:
First offense : Written warning (email)
Second offense : $50 fine
Third offense : Suspension of meet privileges
Hours for these volunteer opportunities will be determined by the hours worked unless otherwise stated.
A volunteer sign-up sheet MUST be available at the event and completed by the volunteer(s) for credit to be given.  Sign-in and out legibly at the time of service, include swimmers name to insure you hours are recorded.
If you are working an event and there is no sign-up sheet, please ask for it.