Swim Squad FAQ


What are the four seasons of Swim Squad?

Fall Squad: September - November (Introduction to all 4 competitive strokes, practices 2x/week, mini meets)

Winter Academy: November - February (Choose the strokes you want to refine, practice schedule is up to you!)

Spring Conditioning: February - May (Freestyle refinement and endurance training; up to 5 practices/week, no meets)

Summer Squad: June- August (Introduction to all 4 competitive strokes, practices 3x/week, mini meets)

In order to participate in Swim Squad, how are swimmers evaluated by a ZAP coach?

• be age 5,7, 9 or 12 (please see above breakdowns of Squads by age) years old by the end of the first week of the session.*

• willing to separate from parents

• swim swim 25 yards of unassisted Freestyle w/side breathing 

• swim 25 yards of unassisted Backstroke without stopping

• evaluated by a ZAP coach and given clearance to register

• willing to participate in mini meet showcases

Mini Squad: Swimmers ages 5-7 may tryout to be in our Mini Squad. Mini Squad follows the same season, but has three (3) 35-min practices each week. These swimmers DO participate in Swim Squad mini meet showcases.

How do I schedule an evaluation?

Please contact Coach Jeff Preyer to schedule an evaluation at (424)-901-3702 or at [email protected]

Is my child allowed to do late enrollment?

Yes! As long as the class remains open you can register. However, if the class is closed and you would like to join, please contact Jeff Preyer through the number and/or email mentioned above.