Team Greenville employs a group progression in accordance with standards established by USA Swimming.  Swimmers are placed according to their developmental level and experience in the sport. 


Within an athlete’s development, particular “windows of opportunity” exist for maximum return on a training activity.  These important periods occur as a result of biological and neuromuscular changes occurring in the child, allowing an enhanced response to the training stimulus.  The degree of response to any training stimulus is also affected by other factors such as psychological readiness and previously established skill acquisition.


Development is individual and varies with each athlete’s capabilities and maturation.  Our training progression emphasizes the five S’s of training and performance:

  • Skill
  • Speed
  • Suppleness (Flexibility)
  • Stamina (Endurance)
  • Strength

Team Greenville’s progression places appropriate emphasis on fun, fitness, and fundamentals at each level.


All new swimmers attend an assessment session before they are officially placed in a group that best meets the individual swimmer’s needs. Assessment sessions after the initial July-August assessment weeks are available upon request.  Please email is at [email protected] to make an appointment.


The coaching staff is responsible for the placement of each swimmer in an appropriate group based on ability, experience, maturity, age, training level, attendance, and motivation.  Group advancements are usually considered in September, December and April.  Swimmer’s age-up date is established by the staff based upon the championship meet dates within that trimester.


Team Structure

In keeping with our objectives of providing a quality competitive and recreational swimming program for swimmers of all ages, abilities, and levels of interest, Team Greenville offers multiple levels of professional instruction and training. 


Training Groups

Discovery Group (Coach Lorin and Coach Elizabeth):

Ages:                                   12 & Under

Practices Offered:              2 per week

Practice Length:                 30 minutes

Discovery is the first swimming group at Team Greenville.  Swimmers need to be able to swim a 25 yard freestyle with rotary breathing and a 25 yard backstroke.  Swimmers will be taught the mechanics and proper technique of all four competitive strokes, freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly.  Swimmers will be introduced to proper turns and diving.  .There is a 20 swimmer cap on this group

Equipment needed: Cap, goggles, small kickboard, mesh equipment bag, and long swim fins. 


Age Group Prep Development Group (Coach Lorin and Coach Elizabeth):

Ages:                                   1st grade to 6th grade

Practices Offered:              4 per week

Practice Length:                 1 hour

Age Group Prep is primarily for swimmers first grade through 6th grade.   Swimmers must be able to legally complete a 25 of all four competitive strokes and a 100 IM. The focus is on proper technique, racing skills, and building basic endurance development. Swimmers may attend up to four practices per week. Regular practice attendance (2-3 per week) and meet participation is encouraged, but not required. There is a 60-swimmer cap on this group.  

Equipment needed: Cap, goggles, team swimsuit small kickboard, mesh equipment bag, and long swim fins


Senior Prep (Coach Lorin and Coach Elizabeth):

Ages:                                   7th Grade and up

Practices Offered:              4 per week

Practice Length:                 1.5 hours

Senior Prep Group is primarily for swimmers in  7th grade and up who are serious about pursuing High School and USA competitive swimming to the State meet level and beyond.   Stroke technique is strongly emphasized.   Swimmers should be able to complete a 50 of all four competitive strokes and a 200 IM.  There is a 60 swimmer cap on this group.

Equipment needed: Cap, goggles, team swimsuit small kickboard, mesh equipment bag, and long swim fins