Aberdeen Swim Club

Standard Operating Procedures


How do I register for the team?

Our team utilizes Electronic Registration through our team website. Whether you're a returning family or new family joining our team, the registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes. Registration is required prior to the start of each swim season (Short Coarse – winter season & Long Coarse – summer season). During the registration process, you will need to review and agree to the Medical Release and Liability Waivers, Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy, ASC Code of Conduct, ASC Parent Code of Conduct and ASC Action Plan to Address Bullying. You will be requested to pay during the last step of the registration process. At the conclusion of the registration process and upon team admin approval, you will be granted access to your own private account for the team.  Your private account is your one-stop-shop for maintaining your contact information, declaring for swim meets, signing up for jobs, interactively tracking your kids’ times, and much more. We look forward to having you be part of our incredible swim team. The link below will take you directly to the registration page on our team's website.


How do I register my swimmer for a swim meet?

Log into your private account on the team website. Click on the “Meets/Events” tab on the top of our website. Scroll down to the meet you wish your child to attend, and click on the “Attend this Event” button. Choose the name of the child you wish to register, and click on it. You will see a tab that asks for YES or NO; choose YES. You can then choose which session your child is able to attend and leave a note in the comments box for the coaches to see.

How do meet entries work?

At the beginning of every season, the coaching staff will post the meet schedule to the website under the “Meets/Events” tab at the top of the website. Scan the list and commit your swimmers to the meets in which you will be able to attend. After you are committed the coach will select the events for the swimmers and send entries to the host team. However please know that if your schedule changes during the season and you cannot attend a meet that you had originally planned on attending, notify the coaching staff prior to meet entries being sent to the host team otherwise you will be responsible for the meet fees billed to your account.

When should we get to the meet?

Each swim meet is broken down into sessions. Depending on what session your swimmer is in will determine the appropriate time to arrive at the meet. We recommend that all swimmers arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups so the coaches know they are there and ready to swim.

What are my options for paying?

ACH or Credit card is the preferred method.  If setting up auto payments to a bank account or credit card, make sure you have selected “Use for fees associated with your account” and “Use for On demand Payments”. Otherwise, payments can also be given directly to our team treasurer or mailed to Aberdeen Swim Club, PO Box 1874, Aberdeen, SD 57402.

How long do the fall/winter and summer seasons last?

Monthly dues for fall/winter season bills September-February (6 months).  Summer season bills April-July (4 months).

Do I need to register again for summer if I elect to keep swimming?

Yes. Registration is required prior to the start of every swim season.

Are there fees associated with swim meets?

Yes.  All meets have fees associated with them that are billed to your account. Swimmers are charged a South Dakota head tax, an event fee (varies) for each individual and relay event they are in and a facility fee. Fees for meets are billed at the first of each month.

Are there any other fees?

All newly registered swimmers will be charged a USA Swimming registration fee.  Annual renewal of the USA Swim Registration fee generally happens October/November.  The registration fee will be invoiced to your account.

Through our facility use agreement with the Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Department for our use of the outdoor aquatic center during the summer season, each family is required to purchase a “Family” Season Pass paid to the Aberdeen Parks and Recreation Department.

How are practice schedules communicated?

Practice group assignments and practice schedule for each season will be communicated via email from the head coach and posted to the team website. All changes to the practice schedule due to weather or other circumstances will be communicated through email from the head coach.

What if I want to cancel or terminate our membership?

You may cancel your Aberdeen Swim Club membership at any time by notifying our head coach and the team treasurer.