Members of SDCKT are welcome to bring friends down for a day of paddling. They MUST be accompanied by a SDCKT member during all paddling sessions or attend one of the SDCKT set practices.

SDCKT also welcomes out of town and International Paddlers to our club to paddle with other club members or set practices.

If you are an experienced competitive paddler we welcome you to join the Racing Teams for a paddle. Contact Head Coach Doug Ellery at [email protected] to jump into a team practice.

All guest paddlers must sign a SDCKT waiver prior to using any equipment, including ergs. Waivers provided at the canoe club.

SDCKT does not rent boats to the public.

Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and any damage that may occur.

SDCKT is a non-profit organization and contributions are gratefully accepted.