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PST Volunteer Policy

Pierre Swim Team's success hosting meets and as an organization relies on volunteers. Members will be required to provide volunteer hours as outlined below: 

Per fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept. 30): 

  • One swimmer family = 6 hours
  • Two or more swimmer family = 8 hours
  • Black group athletes = 2 hours

This policy shall be administred by the Parent/Guardian Representatives. 

How to report hours: 
1. Complete the reporting form and drop it in the PST box at the YMCA (form coming soon)

2. Email your parent guardian representative
    Over 12 year old swimmers: Chelle Somsen
[email protected]

    Under 12 year old swimmers: Angela Lisburg [email protected]  
Members are responsible to report their hours. 

One hour is equal to one hour of work. 

Hours may be bought out for $25/hour, except the athlete hours. 

For all non-completed hours, a fee of $25/hour will be assessed to the member's account and swimmers may be excluded from PST activities. 

Hours may be donated; arrangements can be made with the Parent/Guardian Representatives. 

PST greatly appreciates everyone's willingness to volunteer, please realize this policy is the minimum requirements. Numerous more hours are required for PST to function efficiently. Members are strongly encouraged to continue to volunteer after they have satisfied the minimum requirements.

Policy adopted by the PST Board: 7/9/2018



How can our family meet our committment to the PST Volunteer Policy? 


Here is a list of ways you can plug in and volunteer! VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES