Because we are a parent-run organization, every family serves on either the Board or on a Committee.  

  1. Apparel & Awards
    1. Board Liaison:  Jody Feucht (President):  [email protected]  
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. Organize apparel orders w/appropriate vendors
      2. Organize meet ribbons for meets
      3. Organize awards for Spring Banquet
      4. Organize “goody bags” for state meets
    3. Committee Members: 
      1. Gerjets (Connie) 
      2. Lunn (Melanie)
      3. Schwab (Erin) 
      4. Thvedt (Tami) (Mentor) 
  2. Media
    1. Board Liaison:  Bonny Tonsager (Secretary) [email protected]
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. Work closely with all committees to ensure promotion of items that are being implemented (like fundraising/events)
      2. Promote initiatives of the club (Try Outs, Swim Lessons…..)
      3. Create & distribute marketing materials (Brochures, Flyers, Newspaper/Radio Ads, etc)
      4. Newspaper articles and invitations to events
      5. Ensure thank you notes are distributed and sent by appropriate committees
      6. Maintain social media (Facebook/Instagram)
    3. Committee Members: 
      1. Hove (Jason) 
      2. Mason (Stephanie) 
      3. Johnson (Carmen)
  3. Fundraising
    1. Board Liaison: Jen Smetana [email protected]
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. Grant research & writing for any grants that might be available to small non-profits (such as a grant for new equipment like blocks for the outdoor pool)
      2. Create & implement fundraising opportunities (2 per year) such as Silent Auction, Lap-A-Thon, etc.
      3. Promote & organize the Hy-Vee Receipts
    3. Committee Members: 
      1. Zhang (Shouhong) 
      2. Johnson (Jill & Jeff)
      3. Carda (Amber)
      4. Fuller (Rui)
  4. Meet Planning:  EQUIPMENT 
    1. Board Liaisons: Jim Schultz (Head Timer – [email protected] )   
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. Everything related to preparing for the meet from the equipment side! (equipment inventory, management, delivery to the deck for meets/supervise meet set up and takedown)
    3. Committee Members: 
      1. Burmeister (Tony & Alicia) 
      2. Foerster (Dan & Becka)
      3. Smith (Shannon)
      4. McCullough (Chuck)
      5. Meyer (Arnold)
  5. Meet Planning:  Food & General Meet Planning 
    1. Board Liaisons:  Shelly Brandenburger (VP/Head official  [email protected]
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. Everything related to preparing for the meet other than equipment
        1. Food Subcommittee (concessions and hospitality tent)
        2. Management of Job Signup/volunteers (Shelly does this part)
        3. Work with coaches to get Programs done
          1. (Coaches do meet paperwork, sanctioning, entries, etc)
    3. Committee Members: 
      1. Bowne (Mary) 
      2. Hanson (Karla) 
      3. Bauer (Abbey) 
      4. Otteson (Melissa) 
  6. ​​Social/Welcome
    1. Board Liaison: Cynthia Holy  [email protected]
    2. Responsibilities: 
      1. New family / swimmer recruitment (Work with Coach)
      2. New family packet (handbook, FAQ’s)
      3. Promoting Tryouts and attending to welcome families there
      4. Plan monthly special events for families (Holiday party, Coin Dive, Awards Banquet, meet potlucks, etc)
    3. Committee Members: 
      1. Caugherty (Janean) 
      2. Fjerstad (Abby) 
      3. Green (Marci) 
      4. Enz (Molly) 
      5. Ting (Angeline)