I.  White Group 

This is our entry level group. 

Dues:  $55 / month for 11 months (no dues in August) 


Swim 25  yards freestyle and backstroke with out stopping 

Be able to listen to instructions


Learn how to be on a swim team and swim repeat laps 

Learn and improve the 4 strokes

Learn and improve racing start and turns

Work on developing speed


II. Red Group 

Dues: $65 / month for 11 months (no dues in August) 


Swim all 4 strokes

Be ready for more training volume and longer races


Work on turns and dives

Learn to train 

Prepare for longer races

Work on maintaining speed for longer stretches

Introduce race strategies


III. Pre Senior

Dues $80 / month for 11 months (no dues in August) :

This is our advanced generally 12 and older students preparing to swim at the senior level. 

Introduction to 200 yard and above races and training 

More advanced race strategy

Work on goal setting

Introduce pace times

Prepare for Senior Group

Required Equipment- fins and snorkle


IV. Senior 

Dues $95 / month for 11 months (no dues in August) 

The focus on this group is competing at a high level.  Swimmers will have clear goals and work towards achieving their goals through training and mental preparation. Practice will focus on improving strength and speed and translating that into improved performance in races. Senior swimmers will be an example for younger swimmers to look up to. Generally 13 and older. 


Required Equipment- fins, snorkle, hand paddles