The Brookings Swim Club provides swimmers with the means to achieve athletic excellence and personal growth by offering high quality coaching in a supportive and enjoyable environment and through encouragement of self- discipline, a strong work ethic, team spirit and family and volunteer support.


The Brookings Swim Club is a competitive program for swimmers with the purpose and commitment to:

• advancing the sport of swimming

• recruiting individuals who share the BSC vision

• providing swimmers with the highest quality coaching to help them achieve their goals and dreams

• creating and maintaining an enjoyable and rewarding swimming environment, in which swimmers can pursue their goals and dreams

• insisting on positive mental attitudes, respect for others and behavior that offers a good role model for younger swimmers

• teaching and developing life skills through our swimming program

• providing swimmers the opportunity to grow and succeed at their highest level, from proficiency at the basic strokes to the Olympic dream and every point in-between.