HOD Athlete Reps for the 2023-2024 year:

North: Leila Byer (WASC)

South Lydia Soldatke (SFST)

West: Hunter Johnson (RST)

At Large: Kambyl Wede (TIDE) and Ava Brenner (SFST)


Helpful Links

Swim Camps

Athlete Election Form

South Dakota Swimming Athlete Representative Survival Guide

College Swimming Recruiting and Rankings

Split and Pace Calculators

What to eat before and after practice

When can I wear a tech suit?

What are the differences between tech suit brands?


  • How do I qualify to swim at State, Sectionals, Futures, Jr. Nationals, and beyond??
    • Achieve a certain time!! The State "A" times are found on this website, and each year updated qualifying times for higher level meets are posted on USA Swimming's website.
  • What does it mean to be part of governing SD Swimming?
    • Be a voice for other swimmers at Board meetings (every two months) and LSC HoD meetings (twice a year)
    • Take part in voting on issues ranging from State Meet to time standards to how we should approach improving the sport in our state!!
    • Participate in discussion during meetings to make sure varying opinions are heard
    • Attend meetings and share information with athletes on your club
    • Opportunity to attend fun national events such as the USA Swimming Leadership Summit (late April) and the U.S. Aquatic Sports Convention (late Sept.)
  • Wondering how to get involved with the Athlete Committee of South Dakota Swimming??
    • Send in application (these will be made available each summer)
    • Be voted in by athletes from each team around the time of Long Course State (late July)
    • Must be at least 16 or going into sophomore year of high school (South Dakota Swimming Bylaws, pg. 12)
  • ​​What is the point of having the Athlete Committee and athlete meetings?​
    • Encourage more swimmers to get involved with South Dakota Swimming!!!
    • Help people understand what we do on the Athlete Committee
    • Get everyone excited about playing a role in swimming on both state and national levels!!