Athlete Committee as of August 2022


The Athlete Committee is made up of the Club Athlete Representatives and led by the 2 Senior and 2 Junior Athlete Representatives. The athletes help the LSC determine what to do more of, what to change, and how the athletes can better be served by the LSC.”


Senior Board of Directors Reps Junior Board of Directors Reps
Grace Davis (SFST) Lavin Maddox (SFST)
Keatyn Wede (TIDE) Matt Corr (SSR)



House of Delegates (At-Large) Representatives
North: Tomas Gonzalez (BSC)
South: Eli Pelzer (SFST)
West: Michelle Weiss (PST)
At Large: Brock Russell (SFST)
At Large: Kaden Zink (WASC)

Note: If elected to a BOD position, the athlete will serve a two (2) year term, the first as a Junior Rep, the second as the Senior Rep. If elected to the HOD, the athlete will be expected to serve a one (1) year term. 


This voting form will be open from Saturday July 13th through Saturday July 27th. It is open to all 13 & Over Swimmers. 


  • Fill out the application. This will be made available through Google Forms at some point in early the summer. Keep an eye on this page and the Instagram @southdakotaswimming for updates.


  • Incoming high school sophomore OR at least 16 years of age at time of election.
  • Member of SD Swimming, in good standing
  • Functioning gmail account with which you will apply.
  • Have a good idea of WHAT it means to be elected, WHY you want the job, and WHY you would be great at it.
  • Must communicate with your home club and anyone who wants to talk to you, and bring their ideas and concerns to meetings)
  • Be able to attend all required meetings
    • 2 HOD meetings per year (early April and early October)
    • IF elected as BOD member, plan for the two HOD meetings plus a conference call every other month


  • Every 13&O athlete can vote 
  • Will occur during July, leading up to the Summer Long-Course State "A" Championship Meet
  • New Athlete Committee Members will be announced at the meet on Sunday.