In the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to communicate with many of our USA Swimming and LSC Leaders in reference to better understand key information being shared by our governing body. As well many LSCs are sharing their action plans on how they are assisting clubs through the challenges we are facing due to COVID-19. 

The common theme expressed by all is that we must support our sport as a “Swimming Community” and interact in sharing resources in our efforts to combat these challenges and how it has impacted our sport.

Below you will find updates along with vital information that hopefully will assist you and your clubs.  Please let me know if you have questions and contact me with more ideas that may be helpful.

Martin Schmidt, General Chair - [email protected]

USA Swimming Resources

USA Swimming Community Quarantine Resources

USA Swimming Facility Re-Opening Plan Guidelines

USA Swimming Webinars & Podcasts

USA Swimming Zoom Setup and Security Information for Clubs

USA Swimming Insurance Coverage Update

USA Swimming Mental Health Resources

USA Swimming Team Services Central Zone Program Development Manager, Jay Chambers

Aquatics Coalition Club Resources

USA Swimming 2020 Return to Competition

USA Swimming Virtual Meet Guidelines

Health Insurance for Coaches through USA Swimming

USA Swimming Programs & Services

USA Swimming Pool Facilities

USA Swimming Pool Certification

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Club Resources for Small Business

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Resource Page

USA Swimming Operational Risk

I would like to highlight the following resources specifically: 
  • Meet Director handbook nicely lays out many details of meet operation and if I put my parent hat on, some of those definitions would have been helpful when I was a "beginner" parent. 
  • Meet Marshall Standards is a one-pager that is helpful to your team when you are trying to explain to your volunteers what it means to be a Meet Marshall.  I remember putting on the orange vest for the first time and being told to make sure the garbage cans are emptied and that was my only instruction.  
  • Meet Marshall Checklist offers 8 checklist cards you can print and cut to provide your Marshalls so they know what to the responsibilities are.  You can hand this out with the vest so they have a nice reminder.