ND/SD LSC Athlete Leadership Summit - Applications Open, Apply Now

Trish Harrell

Athlete Application for 2020 Leadership Summitt - 13 & over Athletes Apply (Deadline will be posted soon, expected to be in March so don't delay!)

What is a Leadership Summit?  Continue reading to find out.
The athletes of North and South Dakota are hosting a Leadership Summit June 18-19, 2020.
The intent is to develop leaders in the LSC so that they can serve as leaders at the club, LSC, and even the national level. It is geared to athletes that are in the younger stages of their high school career, as they will be a part of the LSC and their teams longer than older high school athletes, however all 13 & over athletes are encouraged to apply. 
The Leadership Summit is based off of the National Leadership Summit.  The national summit has been held at the Olympic Training Center and is run by the Athlete Executive Committee. Our Leadership Summit will have three practices during the day-and-a-half that it is held, and multiple classroom-like sessions discussing various topics like leadership characteristics, communication, nutrition, USA/LSC swimming governance, and potentially even college recruiting. 
North Dakota LSC and South Dakota LSC each received USA Swimming grant of $2,000 to host the event, with each LSC having budgeted money for the Summit as well.  The LSC committees are still working out the details and hope to not have any fees for the athletes to attend but more information will be coming soon.  Athletes attending from SD are expected to cover their transportation, food, and lodging during the Leadership Summit.
Some other important things to note:
  • Athletes can purchase a meal plan through Augustana that would cover breakfast, lunch, and supper. $7.00 breakfast, $10.50 lunch, and $13.50 supper. Or, $29.50 a day for 3 meal plan. 
  • The athletes are reaching out to members of the AEC (athlete executive committee) for input towards the tinerary, more info will be coming.
  • After receiving input, we will begin looking for speakers to speak on the different topics at the event
  • The application for the Leadership Summit is already open. 
    • Athlete Application for 2020 Leadership Summitt
    • The link can also be found on the SD Swimming Instagram page
    • Number of spots available are limited.  After the applications are closed (TBD) a selection committee will review the applications to make selections.