Minimum Officials Policy is now in effect

Martin Schmidt

SD Swimming Policies & Procedures

6.7 Minimum Officials

(1) Any Club wishing to host a home meet must provide a minimum of two (2) officials for each session of their meet.   Such Official must be fully registered with up-to-date certifications and must be registered under the Host Club.  Unattached officials will not be considered to be part of the Host Club’s quota.
(2) All SD Swimming Clubs, including the host club, participating in any SD Swimming sanctioned meet are required to provide the following number of officials:
     1 – 10 Swimmers: No Officials (unless as stated above for the host club);
     11-25 Swimmers: One (1) Official for each session that 11-25 swimmers swim in such meet (unless as stated above for the host club);
     26-50 Swimmers: Two (2) Officials for each session that 26-50 swimmers swim in such meet;
     51 or more Swimmers: Three (3) Officials for each session that 51 or more swimmers swim in such meet.
     Teams from outside of SD Swimming are encouraged, but not required, to provide officials.
(3) Traveling Clubs will be allowed to utilize officials not registered with their Club if they have such official’s consent to do so.  It shall be the Traveling Club’s responsibility to ensure that they have the required number of officials on the first day of the meet.  Apprentices will be considered as officials. 
(4) PENALTY: Failure of the Host Club to provide the required number of officials shall result in such Club’s meet not being sanctioned nor posted on the SD Swimming web site.  Failure of the Traveling Club to provide the required number of officials will result in a fine of $150.00 payable to SD Swimming, within thirty (30) days of the completion of the meet. Fines collected shall go toward training for Officials.
(5) At the completion of the meet, it shall be the responsibility of the Head Stroke & Turn Official to verify that the required minimum officials for each team were provided and report findings to the Officials Chair to enforce any applicable penalties.
(6) The Host Club, the meet director and/or the meet Referee will have NO AUTHORITY to waive the required participation of Officials.  Failure to enforce this provision shall result in a $500 penalty payable by the Host Club to SD Swimming with fines collected going toward training for Officials, unless an additional penalty is set by the SD Swimming Board of Directors.
(7) This rule shall be applicable to any and all SD Swimming sanctioned meets held on or after September 1, 2020, including State Championship Meets. Any violations of this rule shall be reported to the SD Swimming Officials Chair ([email protected]).