Parents are the backbone of the sport's volunteer structure.  Not to mention the fact that their daughters and sons make up the 300,000+ registered athletes in USA Swimming.  Without parental support in a myriad of ways, the sport would not be as successful and the athletes would not derive the huge number of benefits. 

Athlete Protection:

The sport of swimming should be enjoyable for your son or daughter.  It is an activity with many positive returns.  The goal of USA Swimming, South Dakota Swimming, and your local club is to provide a safe, secure, and positive environment.

As a parent, should you ever have concerns about the safety of your child, bring it to the attention of your child's coach and club representative.  If this is uncomfortable for you, please contact the South Dakota Swimming General Chair.  If you feel it is necessary to go to USA Swimming, contact the Susan Woessner ([email protected]), Director of Athlete Protection, in Colorado Springs.

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Background Checks:

All coaches and non-athlete members on your club, LSC level, and USA Swimming are required to agree to background checks. A background check is required on a regular basis. Coaches are required to complete a Level 2 background check. All others are required to complete a Level 1.

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