The Rapid City RACERS swim club is the Black Hills’ area premier USA Swimming team and has been a part of the Rapid City community for over 40 years. . It is a non-profit, independent organization governed by a Parent Board of Directors. RCR is a member of USA Swimming and South Dakota Swimming, Inc. RCR has achieved national bronze medal recognition for its commitment to performance excellence and the development of strong well rounded swimmers. We are ranked among the top 200 swim teams in the country by USA Swimming. RCR’s commitment to swimming excellence has produced National level swimmers and currently sends swimmers to all level of meets, including State, Sectionals, and Junior and Senior Nationals.
RCR offers year round quality technical and competitive instruction by professionally trained coaches for swimmers of all ages and abilities. RCR fosters acceptance, cooperation, commitment, confidence and discipline. Our goal is to help develop outstanding young men and women who have a love for swimming as both a recreational and competitive sport for life. RCR families provide support to the swimmers and the coaches through their participation in team activities including but not limited to: team trips, swimmer’s dues, volunteering at RCR sponsored swim meets, and club fundraisers.
Thank you for viewing our site. We look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to ask another member or coach any question you may have.
To achieve and maintain National recognition, by building upon the Rapid City Racers’ tradition of excellence.  RCR teaches and trains all levels of swimmers in a safe competitive environment.   We stress the importance of character, team and family through the sport of swimming.  
The Rapid City Racers Swim Club is committed to inspire individual achievement through hard work, self-discipline and competitive excellence.  
The Rapid City Racers Swim team is founded on the belief that age-group competitive swimming offers an exciting and worthwhile experience in a young person’s life.  It can be learned and enjoyed by those with very little natural ability, as well as those who are of Olympic caliber.  Its values go far beyond that of learning efficiency in the water. It is a basic assumption that for an age-group competitive program to succeed, it must encompass and challenge all who participate and it must follow continuous developmental progression.  Swimmers learn balance and the feel of movement through water, much the same as they sense movement and balance out of water.  This water sense can only come through continued and constant exposure to water, with each succeeding step bringing about an increased sophistication in stroke technique.
It should be understood that not every child will be a world-class swimmer.  Regardless of how deeply motivated or how hard they are driven, most will never participate at a national or international level. However, our program will help all participants reach personal goals, build character, and improve self-esteem.