Swimmers Responsibilities & Expectations

Training sessions are the most important aspect of competitive swimming. Consistent training is needed. It is important that each swimmer attends as many practices as possible in order to fully benefit from the program. We recognize swimming is one of many activities that kids may be involved in. VAST asks that swimming be given the same priority/respect as other sports in terms of participation and attendance. Attendance is taken at practice.

Each VAST swimmer shall:

At all VAST functions, whether it be practice, meets or other team sponsored activities, display proper respect and good sportsmanship towards all coaches, officials, fellow teammates, competitors and the public.

Comply with bullying policy set forth by the Vermillion Public School system. VAST adopts a zero-tolerance bullying policy.

Do their best to continue to improve their skills and increase their knowledge of swimming.

Not argue with coaches or officials.

Represent themselves, the team, their family and community with honor and dignity.

Not use profanity or any language interpreted to be degrading.

Win with honor and lose with dignity and decorum.