• Steady and neutral head position throughout pull and recovery
  • Hands in the "11" position with fingers forward on entry
  • Press the chest before arms land and move straight forward
  • Don't tuck the chin when pulling
  • Don't rise the eyes when breathing - Eyes on the bottom of the pool!


  • Lean head and upper body back into water - it's OK if water goes over your face
  • Thumb should be up on pull and recovery
  • Fingers should point to the wall as you pull 
  • ROTATE side to side and KICK!!! 


  • Keep your head still with eyes facing forward
  • Elbows high as your pull and don't go to wide
  • Turn your feet out as they sweep around


  • Keep head/eyes on the bottom of the pool
  • Reach forward with your arms
  • High elbow on the pull and recovery
  • Rotate hips! Hips need to lead the stroke
  • KICK!!!!