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Mandatory Commitment OBLIGATIONS


Mandatory Commitment Requirements During Current Swim Season:

New and returning Intermediate to Senior Elite Group Families – 32 hours. Families joining after December 31st will have their mandatory worker hours pro-rated at 3.2 hours per month to June 30th.

• Pre-novice and Novice group families - 26 hours. Families joining after December 31st will have their mandatory worker hours pro-rated at 2.6 hours per month to June 30th.


•  Hours not completed by June 30th will be charged a fee of $50.00 per outstanding hour on July 1st.

• Members that sign-up for mandatory worker hours and fail to show will be charged a fee of $50.00 per hour.

  If a member leaves the team with outstanding mandatory worker hours, the account will be billed at $50.00 per outstanding hour.

Please refer to the Pleasanton Seahawks’ website and click on the “Mandatory Worker Hours” tab for detailed information regarding mandatory worker hours job descriptions, how to access your mandatory worker hours account, tracking your mandatory worker hours, etc.

All positions are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Timing at away meets: The team must provide timers at all away swim meets. Typically, 1 - 2 hours of timing per family is required per day of attendance. Members are not credited mandatory worker hours for their timing responsibilities at away meets.

Failure to time/no shows are assessed at $50.00 per hour. Each individual timer must sign the timing sheet to verify that they have timed.

For mandatory worker hours questions, please email [email protected] 


*Meet Officials

USA Swimming officials may work home & local meets. Pacific Swimming requires Level 3 or higher for Far Westerns. You may still volunteer as a marshall or other volunteer job if you don’t have Level 3.

Contact [email protected]



Please "Sign on" to the PLS website and then go to the Events page.  Click on the link to the Event that you would like to sign up for.  This will provide you with a description and specific information regarding this mandatory work event.  Click on time shift and then click on Signup bar.  Remember to print out your Job Summary and keep a copy for your records.



Click here for Lead Job Descriptions.

Click here for Swim Meet Job Descriptions.

Click here for Banquet Descriptions.

Click here for Mandatory Work Job Online Sign Up Procedure


Athletic Booster Council (ABC) and Committee Lead Job Descriptions

Click here for ABC and Committee Lead Job Descriptions.  Contact any board member for further information. 

Questions to: [email protected]


(1) Sign in on PLS website

(2) Click on $ My Invoices/Payments

(3) Click on tab for Service Hours