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Pleasanton Seahawks Compete at Speedo Far Western Championships

Aug 12, 2018

The Speedo Long Course Far Western Championships 2018 took place July 26-29 in Moraga. Approximately 1122 swimmers from 106 teams representing at least 4 countries (Canada, Colombia, Mexico, and USA) competed in 148 events.  Orinda Aquatics hosted this international championship meet featuring some of the fastest age-group swimmers in the country.


The Pleasanton Seahawks (PLS) Swim Team qualified 47 swimmers (24 girls and 23 boys) for competition. The girls are Brooke Bennett, Lillyana Caples, Alexis Mesina, Cynthia Li, Emily Lau, Kaitlin Lee, Faith Carroll, Aria Harris, Breuklynn Harris, Francesca Hawkins, Olivia Kim, Sydney Lu, Florence Lin, Christina Tsai, Emily Tsai, Elisabeth Balicanta, Mackenzie Lee, Claire Suen, Ellen Wang, Gwyneth Wong, Caroline Eckel, Daniella Hawkins, Jessica He, and Marissa Lawrence.  The boys are Iian Burnes, Jeremy Ting, Christopher Wang, Ethan Wang, William Zhao, Devyn Caples, Yassin Dwidar, Samuel Wang, Dominick Wonosaputra, Joey Huang, Ethan N. Wang, Andy Eun, Ryan Kobayashi, Alexis Ren, Justin Tsai, Andrew Wang, Mattias Blanco, Calvin Chui, Paige DaCosta, Calvin David, Brian Li, Tyler Lu, and Nick Skinner.  Steve Morsilli is the Head Coach/CEO and Senior-Elite Group Coach. Other coaching staff with swimmers competing at this meet include Greg Connell, Eugene Hulley, Devon Farmer, Joe Luftus, and David Tambuwun.


Many of the PLS swimmers competed in multiple finals.  Top PLS girls individual medalists are  Alexis Mesina (1stplace for 100m free, 50m/100m backstroke, 200m IM, 50m/100m breaststroke; and 2ndplace for 50m free), Kaitlin Lee (3rdplace 800m free), Olivia Kim (1stplace 1500m free; and 2ndplace 400m/800m free), Sydney Lu (1stplace 100m fly; and 3rdplace 200m fly and 200m IM), Claire Suen (1stplace 50m/100m free and 100m/200m backstroke), Ellen Wang (3rdplace 200m breaststroke), Mackenzie Lee (3rdplace 50m free), and Daniella Hawkins (1stplace 100m free).  Top PLS boys individual medalists are Ethan Wang (3rdplace 100m breaststroke), Devyn Caples (1stplace 200m/800m/1500m free; 2ndplace 400m free and 400m IM; and 3rdplace 200m IM), Yassin Dwidar (3rdplace 100m breaststroke), Dominick Wonosaputra (3rdplace 200m free), Ethan N. Wang (2ndplace 1500m free and 400m IM; and 3rdplace 800m free), Alex Ren (1stplace 400m IM; 2ndplace 200m IM and 400m free; and 3rdplace 200m backstroke), Andrew Wang (3rdplace 800m/1500m free), Nick Skinner (1stplace 200m backstroke; 2ndplace 1500 free; and 3rdplace 100m backstroke), Tyler Lu (1stplace 200m/800m free; and 2ndplace 100m free), Paige DaCosta (2ndplace 100m backstroke and 400m free), and Calvin Chui (3rdplace 1500m free).


Top PLS relay teams are 10&U Girls for 1stplace 200m medley relay and 2ndplace 200m free relay (Lillyana Caples, Alexis Mesina, Brooke Bennett, and Salma Dwidar); 10&U Boys for 2ndplace 200m medley relay and 3rdplace 200m free relay (Hunter Bian, Ethan Wang, Jeremy Ting, and William Zhao); 11-12 Boys for 2ndplace 400m free, 3rdplace 200m free, and 3rdplace 400 medley relay (Dominick Wonosaputra, Yassin Dwidar, Devyn Caples, and Samuel Wang); 15-16 Girls for 1stplace 400m/800m free relay (Claire Suen, Gwyneth Wong, Mackenzie Lee, and Daniella Hawkins), 1stplace 200m free relay (Claire Suen, Mackenzie Lee, Daniella Hawkins, and Elisabeth Balicanta), and 2ndplace 400m medley relay (Claire Suen, Ellen Wang, Elisabeth Balicanta, and Daniella Hawkins); 15-18 Boys for 1stplace 800m free relay (Calvin Chui, Calvin David, Paige DaCosta, and Tyler Lu), 2ndplace 200 free relay (Tyler Lu, Calvin David, Paige DaCosta, and Justin Tsai), 2ndplace 400m free relay (Tyler Lu, Mattias Blanco, Paige DaCosta, and Calvin David), 2ndplace 800m free relay (Nick Skinner, Mattias Blanco, Alex Ren, and Andrew Wang), and 2ndplace 400m medley relay (Nick Skinner, Paige DaCosta, Tyler Lu, and Calvin David).


Individual High Point Award winners are Alexis Mesina (10&U), Devyn Caples (11-12), Claire Suen (15-16), and Nick Skinner (17-18).  Alexis Mesina set new Far Western and Pacific Swimming records (10&U) for both 50m and 100m breaststroke.  PLS won 3rdplace for Team High Point Award.  


Congratulations to all the swimmers and coaches!

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