Join Us!

Our sport relies heavily on volunteers to work in the capacity of officials in order to conduct fair and equitable competition for our athletes.

In other words, we need your help!

If you are considering officiating but still not quite sure, check out the Top 10 reasons why you should:

10. You’re at the meet anyway - why not?

9. Swimming is a family sport that is volunteer intensive – officiating counts for your volunteer requirement for our AUB meets.

8. Free food at meets - home and away (Free is good).

7.  AUB covers USA-S member registration fees (Free is good).

6. Opportunity to learn more from our coaches and provide feedback from a different perspective.

5. Possible tax deductions when working away meets (Most teams are 501c3. Please consult applicable state & federal tax laws.)

4. You become more educated and informed on the sport (you DO NOT have to be a current or former swimmer).

3. Camaraderie (AND you get a cool name tag so your comrades know your name!)

2. When you become a USA-S certified official, you are qualified to officiate for the Alabama High School Athletic Association and ARPA meets. USA-S also has a reciprocal agreement with the YMCA.

1. Best seat in the house! (The bleachers get crowded and really aren’t all that comfortable).


Click here to view USA Swimming's minimum standards for officials.

Click here for a step by step guide to becoming an official.


If you have further questions or are ready to get started and would like assistance, please contact Robby Dellinger or Tiffany Myrick.