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Recent Rule Updates and Interpretations

Two-Hand Touch for Butterfly and Breaststroke:

At its Congress in 2013, FINA adopted rules changes requiring the swimmer's hands be separated at turns and the finish touch in both breaststroke and butterfly. Since the word "separated" is subject to interpretation, for purposes of the turn and finish rules in both breaststroke and butterfly the following interpretation from USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Chair, Dan McAllen III shall be determinative:

Breaststroke and Butterfly Separated Hands Interpretation, Revised Jan 15, 2014

A little common sense will go far in applying this rule if one remembers that the goal is for the swimmer to touch with both hands separately and specifically not stacked.


4-Hour Rule:

On September 14, 2013, the USAS Rules & Regulations Committee issued an interpretation regarding USA Swimming? Article 205.3.1F (4 hour rule).? In summary, meets must be planned such that events for 12 & Unders can reasonably be concluded within four (4) hours. Sessions that exceed four hours are not in violation of the rule if properly planned.? The rule does NOT apply to Open events even if swimmers 12 years of age or younger are entered.? See the interpretation letter from USA Swimming Rules & Regulations Chair, Dan McAllen III:

Interpretation of USA Swimming Article 205.3.1F (4 hour rule)


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