Rules and Regulations

2014 USA-S Rulebook: PDF

2013 Changes to Technical Rules: PDF

2013 USA-S Code of Conduct: WEB

USA Swimming Rules and Regulations Page: WEB


Radio Use by Officials

The use of radios has become increasingly common on pool decks. Depending upon staffing levels, the configuration of the pool, and the level of the meet, radios might be used in a variety of fashions. It is important that radios be used properly to ensure accurate, efficient, and effective communication among officials.

The USA-S radio etiquette guidelines are available here: PDF


USA Swimming Report of Occurrence Form

The Report of Occurrence is submitted any time there is an accident or injury during such USA Swimming activities as Sanctioned or Approved swim meets, swimming practices, contracted Swim-a-Thons or approved social events.

Meet Referees - The Report of Occurrence is now required to be submitted through an online form. You will receive an email confirmation with the data submitted for your records. The old paper copy is provided here to aid in gathering necessary information.

Online Report of Occurrence                                           Paper Report

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