Questions about USA Swimming and Auburn Aquatics:

What is USA Swimming? – USA Swimming is the National governing body for swimming.  AUB is a member of USAS.  USA Swimming is subdivided in several ways.  The country is divided into Zones and further divided into Sections and then into LSC, Local Swimming Committee’s.  Our LSC is Southeastern Swimming and is made up of Tennessee, Alabama, and the panhandle of Florida.


What does Southeastern Swimming mean to me? – Southeastern Swimming is our local governing body, SES for short.  SES runs 2 championship meets per year for our area and host other regional level events during our Championship seasons.


What are the swim seasons? – There are 2 main swim seasons AUB participates in during each year.  The first is what is called Short Course season, SC for short, and Long Course season, LC for short. SC season is swum in 25 yard pools and is roughly September through March and LC season is March through August.  Championship meets for SC are held in February and March and Championships for LC are held in July and August.  The focus of USA Swimming is primarily on LC do to the Olympics so they out a priority on being fast LC but College swimming is swum in SC.   


What type of training philosophy does AUB have? – AUB is a technique driven quality over quantity program.  You have to perform the skill right before you can perform the skill fast.


How do I join the high school team? – If you go to Auburn High School you need to go to the high school athletics office and fill out all the appropriate paperwork. You can practice with Auburn Aquatics to prepare or during the high school approved time.  If you do not go to AHS check with your high school athletics director and find what they require you to do to be eligible.  High school swimming in the state of Alabama is for 7-12 graders that qualify for the sectional meet and then at the sectional meet you can qualify for State.  Swimmers can qualify at USAS meets during the fall.  Swimming in the state is becoming more competitive every year.  The more time you put in the better chance you have to be competitive for your high school.


Where do I drop off my monthly payments for Auburn Aquatics? – The black drop box just inside the door to the office is where you can turn in any forms or money.

Does my swimmer need his/her own equipment (kickboard, pull bouy, fins, etc)? – Swimmers in Tiger, Eagle, Junior, and Senior groups need their own equipment bags with a kickboard, pull bouy, fins, paddles, and snorkel. You can purchase this equipment by logging into your Auburn Aquatics account and going to the All-American Swim Supply link on the left side of the page. The code is AUB57.


How do I get a navy AUB cap? – Navy caps are earned once a swimmer participates in his or her first Southeastern swim meet. In order to participate in Southeasterns, swimmers must earn a Southeastern cut time. These time standards are posted each year on the Southeastern Swimming website- All other swimmers wear an orange AUB cap, until a navy cap is earned.



Questions About Swim Practice:

Does my swimmer have to swim every practice offered? – Every group has a different recommendation but you are not required to maintain a minimum attendance for any group at AUB.  As with any activity the more consistent the participation the more opportunity there is for improvement.

*Swimmers in Tiger, Eagle, Junior and Senior should attend a minimum of 4 practices weekly.


Does each group work on the same thing every day? – No, every group changes up the workouts daily so no Monday is the same and so on through the month.  There may be similarities on given days of the week but it is ok to change up occasionally the days you come.  If certain days only work for your schedule that is ok as well.


How do I know if practice will be cancelled? – We make decisions on practice being cancelled at the earliest possible moment.  If the university closes for weather then practice is cancelled automatically.  The aquatics center does not close for thunder and lightning, the pool is grounded.  The pool will be cleared if there is a tornado warning on the ground.  The best policy for your family is AUB does not expect you to get on the road to come to practice if you do not feel it is safe so use common sense.  If we do have to cancel practice we will send out an email team wide as soon as the decision is made.


Can I pick up my swimmer early/come in late? – Of course, to aid the coach try to let them know ahead of time if you are getting out early.  It is never too late to get to practice.  Even if it is for 20 minutes your swimmer can get something out of practice.  Remember you cannot simulate missed work in the tub so the more opportunities you give your swimmer the better opportunity for improvement.


How much water should I drink to stay hydrated? – The average person should drink a gallon of water per day so an athlete should have 1.5 to 2 times that amount during a day of competition.  Hydration aids recovery and keeps you operating at your most efficient state.


Do I have to wear a particular suit everyday? – No. However, Auburn Aquatics is sponsored by Arena, so Arena suits are preferred and recommended.


Do I have to wear an AUB cap to practice? – Yes, all swimmers must wear their Auburn Aquatics cap to practice and in meets. Other teams’ caps may not be worn. No exceptions.


What is the best time to talk to the coach of my swimmer’s group? – The fifteen minutes before or after practice is the best time to catch a coach or make an appointment with the coach for a later time.


How fast can my child progress from group to group? –  Group progression is different from group to group as each swimmer completes the skills needed for the next group from Learn to swim then onto the Olympic Strokes groups.  Below are the sets for Olympic Strokes Gold to Senior groups.

Auburn Aquatics Test Sets

Revised August 2017



Gold -> Tiger

8X50’s IM/free by 25 @ 1:15


Tiger -> Eagle

8x100’s freestyle @ 1:45 (short course)

4x100’s IM @2:15


Eagle -> Junior

10x100’s freestyle @ 1:30 (short course)/1:40 (long course)

4x100’s IM @1:50

**Must be 11 years old OR 10 years old with a minimum of 6 Southeastern cuts


Junior -> Senior

8x100’s freestyle @ 1:20 (short course)/1:30 (long course)

**Must be 14 years old with a minimum of 6 Southeastern cuts; all 15 year olds move to Senior group if they have all four legal strokes  



*Swimmers are expected to successfully complete the test set multiple times (as this will be the expected speed in the group they move into)


*Test sets are not announced ahead of time, and can be tested anytime at the coach’s discretion


*Ultimately, it is the coach’s decision regarding the swimmer’s group placement (based on age, practice attendance, work ethic, how close the swimmer is to making the test set, etc.) 



Questions About Swim Meets:

Swim Meet Expectations: Swimmers should stay in the team area at all times during meets, especially younger swimmers. Should a swimmer need to leave the team area for any reason, he/she should let his/her coach know beforehand. Each swimmer should come talk to their coach BEFORE AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER each race for feedback and further instruction. Swimmers should not go talk to their parents or begin warming down before speaking with their coach after each swim.

What do I need to bring to meets? – 2 racing suits, 2 pairs of goggles, 2 caps, 2 towels, sunscreen if needed, chairs are sometimes allowed on deck at meets, something to pass the time between events, snacks, water bottle, sweats or other dry clothes to stay warm between events, and a great attitude!


Do I have to compete in meets? – No one is required to swim in any competition offered on the AUB schedule.  We do recommend competition as your swimmer progresses through the program.


Do I pick my swimmers events at meets? – When you commit your swimmer to swim in meet you can click on events that you would like to see them in but all final event decisions fall with the group coach.  If you would like to see your swimmer in a particular race or have questions why they were placed in a certain event please see the group coach as soon as possible.


Do I need to purchase my swimmer a “fast” suit? – Swimmers who are going to Southeasterns, or are within a second or two of making a Southeasterns cut, should purchase a “fast” suit. These suits should NEVER be worn during swim practice, only at competitive meets, with the coach’s permission.


Do I need to purchase my swimmer a drag suit? – Swimmers who are in Eagle, Junior, or Senior groups MUST have a drag suit and wear it at each practice. All other groups do not wear drag suits.


How many swimmers swim on a relay? – Four swimmers make any given relay and the fastest four in most cases make the relay.  All relay decisions are up to the coach. 


Do I have to wear shoes and gloves during the meet? – Wearing gloves may seem silly during some meets but you lose body heat the most from your head, hands and feet so they all need to be covered to minimize loss of body heat during the meet.  You never want to be shivering during the meet because that is just wasted energy.


How often do I need to participate in meets? – AUB offers a meet once per month for our athletes that coincides with the coach’s season plan.  Swimming in more meets than those that are designated are not recommended.  If you would like to participate in a different meet please contact your group coach to see if accommodations can be made.


Are all the meets the same? – Each meet at different times of year will mean different things for your swimmer.  There are 2 main types of meets.  We call them rested and unrested meets or you could call them early season versus late season meets.  At AUB we develop your swimmer through training cycles.  Each cycle ends with a rest period.  Generally these are 12 week cycles running September- December, December-March, and April-July.  An early season meet will only need 1-3 days of rest just to get the soreness of training out of there body.  As they prepare for championship season the rest period for a given meet will change.  Depending on the group and age of your swimmer will determine the amount of rest your swimmer needs.  The younger the swimmer the less rest they need and the older the swimmer the more rest they need.  As swimmers mature and go through puberty all of this will affect the need and amount of rest for each training cycle.  For example an 8 year old swimmer is great with 1 day of rest but a 18 year old swimmer will struggle with only one day and for rested meets 18 year olds need between 8 days and multiple weeks of rest.


What is a timed finals meet or a prelim/finals meet? – Timed finals meets are meets that only offer your swimmer one shot at each event.  Typically these types of meets have a 4-5 swim event limit per day.  Prelim/Finals meets are like a championship format where the athletes come in for preliminaries in the morning and then the top qualifiers come back at night to compete in the finals.


How long are the meets? – Meets typically run over 2-3 days with you swimmer participating in the age appropriate session.  A session of a meet typically runs between 2-4 hours of competition with at least a 1 hour warm up period.  If a meet has a preliminary session in the morning then there will be a follow up finals session that evening for the top qualifiers in each event.


Does my swimmer need to come to swimming the night before a meet? – Yes, each day of the week has a particular role in preparing your athlete for competition and the day before gives us a chance to make sure your swimmer is loosened up and ready and hit some last minute reminders.


Do I need to follow my swimmer to the blocks and warm up pool? – No, our coaching staff will make sure your swimmer gets where they need to be and at an appropriate age the swimmer will be expected to get to the blocks and warm up pool by themselves.


After the race what should my swimmer do? – All swimmers immediately after each race should come and see their coach and then head to the warm up/warm down pool and warm down then if time allows before the next race go see you in the stands.


When can I talk to the coach during the meet? – The best time to talk to the coaches is after the session.  If it is an emergency you can get the coaches attention when they are not watching the pool but allow the coach to coach.  If you have a question about an officials call, like a disqualification see the coach as soon as they are not actively coaching.  Coaches only are allowed to speak to officials. 


Is there any particular hotel the team stays in at away meets? – No, we leave finding an appropriate hotel to each family.

Does the team travel on buses with the coaches or in vans to meets? – No, AUB coaches do not chaperone your children at any meets.  You are responsible for getting your swimmer to and from all competitions.


Questions about Volunteering for Swim Meets:

What if there are no jobs for me to sign up for at the next meet? – All jobs are first come first serve.  If you have any ideas on other things that can be used for points ie. Hotel points or Sky miles all items are transferred at retail value.  For example if you have a friend that can get you a great deal on a meal for one of our meets or is willing to donate food you will get credit for the food at the retail price.


How do I become an official? – Follow the steps on the Officials tab on the webpage.


How do I learn how to run the computer or timing console? – Contact Judi Middleton at [email protected]


Questions about the Success of Auburn Aquatics:

When is the awards banquet? AUB hosts an annual awards banquet each year following the completion of the short course season (usually in April) to celebrate the many achievements of each swimmer on Auburn Aquatics. Each swimmer is recognized at the banquet.   

At the AUB banquet do the athletes get awards? – Yes, all awards given at the banquet are performance based.  Swimmers that break team records, achieve SES Top 5 times will be awarded with a plaque.  All swimmers qualifying for Nationals, Sectionals, Southeastern Championships will be awarded a towel.  All swimmers achieving a AUB time standard of either Level I-V will receive the appropriate corresponding trophy.


Do swimmers from AUB go on to swim in college? – Yes.  AUB has had a long history of its swimmers moving on to swim in college.  AUB swimmers have represented a long list of Universities and Colleges.


Which Schools have AUB swimmers swam for in College? – Auburn University, University of Alabama, Birmingham Southern College, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech University, University of South Carolina, University of Texas, University of Kentucky, St. Leo’s University, Florida Tech University, Daytona State College, Carson Newman University, Columbia University, Delta State University, Gardner-Webb University, Queens College, Princeton University, Emory University, University of Tampa, Georgia Southern University, Springhill College, and Campbell University.