Atomic City Aquatic Club goes Nuclear at Excel Meet of Champs!

Andrew Wagner

Atomic City Aquatic Club goes Nuclear at Excel Meet of Champs!


In its 70th year of year-round swimming competition, 33 members of the Atomic City Aquatic Club (ACAC) descended on the Williamson County Aquatic Center this past weekend to compete in a 3-day prelim/final swim meet in Brentwood Tennessee.  ACAC would boast 100% of athletes who swam in the meet walked away with at least one lifetime best time, with the vast majority having many great swims and personal best swims!  40% (13) of the swimmers swam to qualify for Southeastern Swimming Championships, and will represent ACAC at their division championship this coming February along with several ACAC swimmers qualifying for the Sectional level where they will be featured in meets competing against eleven other states in the southeastern United States. 


“ This meet was really explosive for our team,” says Head Coach Andy Wagner. “This past weekend was one of the best team atmospheres I have been a part of in my 9 years at ACAC! We all have spent the past sixteen weeks building towards this meet, and its a really great feeling to see that sacrifice pay off like that!”


Some of the weekends highlights:


The ACAC Senior Boys placed 2nd through 5th in the 500 freestyle, occupying 50% of the finals heat with two 15 year olds and two 16 year olds competing in a field that includes athletes up to 18 years of age.


Every one of the senior girls swam to lifetime best times in one or more events, highlighted with swims by Abigail King (17) winning her the high point award for senior girls.  Abigail will also be featured this weekend in Greensboro North Carolina in USA Swimming’s Winter Junior Nationals Championships.


Andrew Chou’s (15) Senior 200 backstroke victory was within a tenth of a second of 18&under National Championships, placing him as the 11th fastest 15 year old in the country in that event and setting a new ACAC team record of 1:49.59!


Olivia Foy-McDaniels win in the 11-12 100 backstroke set a new ACAC team record of 1:02.35!


On the Age Group Side of things, ACAC featured several All-Star level swims from Kuba Shaw (14) winning the Mens 13-14 200 backstroke, Karley Wolfgram (14) winning the 100 and 200 breaststroke, and Olivia Foy-McDaniel (12) placed first in the 100 backstroke, 500 freestyle, 50 backstroke and the 1650 freestyle. 


ACAC athletes achieving personal best times:

Katherine Buchanan (12), Andrew Chou (15), Scarlett Cooper (11), Olivia Foy-McDaniel (12), Connor French (7), Ella French(10), Camden Gerchar (16), Ellie Goldsborough (9), Mason Greenhalgh (13), Hallie Hill (11), Ella Kendall (17), Abigail King (17), Jessica King (17) Ben Martin (9), Lylah Martin (11), Ankit Nanda (12), Jeffrey Nichols (12), Connor ONeil (13), Egan Rawn (17), Katherine Riley (12), Gracie Saunders (13), Jessi Schaefer (11), Karol Shaw (12), Kuba Shaw (14), William Shen (14), Aydan Skelton (14), Natalie Steger (15), Ben Walls (16), Rosalee Wenhame (15), Logan Williams (12), Karley Wolfgram (14), Stephen Zhukov (15), Emmy Zimmer (11)


13 ACAC Athletes who qualified to swim in the Southeastern Championships:

Andrew Chou (15), Olivia Foy-McDaniel (12), Camden Gerchar (16), Mason Greenhalgh (13), Ella Kendall (16), Abigail King (17), Jessica King (17), Jessi Schaefer (11), Kuba Shaw (14), Aydan Skelton (14), Ben Walls (16), Karley Wolfgram (14), Stephen Zhukov (15)


6 ACAC Swimmers qualified for USA Swimming Senior Sectional Championships:

Andrew Chou (15), Camden Gerchar (16), Ella Kendall (16), Abigail King (17), Ben Walls (15), Karley Wolfgram (14), Stephen Zhukov (15)


4 Age Group Sectional (14&under) Championships:

Olivia Foy-McDaniel (12), Kuba Shaw (14), Aydan Skelton (14), Karley Wolfgram (14)


Congratulations again to all ACAC swimmers for a wonderful performance this past weekend in Brentwood!  Atomic City will immediately return to the pool this week to begin training and building for an onslaught of swim meets through the months of January, February, and March of 2022.  Stay tuned for much more fast swimming from the Atomic City Aquatic Club!”


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