There are 3 main categories of swimsuits that your kids will be interested in wearing for competitive swimming:

  • Training Suits - Everyday Practice Suits

Training suits are exactly what they sound like.  A swimsuit that is a little more durable for daily use.  These suits are worn throughout training sessions, and can be worn in early season swim meets if necessary.

  • When to wear:  Practice / Training


  • Racing Suits - In-season competition racing suit

Racing suits are a little higher in quality, but are still mid-priced suits designed to give the swimmer a tighter suit fit and sense of reduction in resistance.  In selecting a racing suit, pick one or two that fit pretty snug, showing no wrinkling.  ACAC Swimmers will be encouraged to wear racing suits at most meets.  Swimmers can achieve time standards and personal best times if they swim the correct race.  The suit is not a magic trick, and our kids are trained to race regardless of the suits on their bodies.  This approach makes the meets where we wear championship suits that more impactful.

    -When to wear:  Should be worn throughout general warm-ups and racing events.   


ie Speedo Aquablade



  • Championship / Tech Suits - High-tech / High-quality suit meant for Peaking Stages of training

The Championship/Tech Suit is a high-quality, high tech design, including state of the art hydrodynamics and muscle compression functionality.  Basically, the state of the art material is designed to reduce resistance, create as much buoyancy as possible while keeping the upper leg muscles compressed, thusly increasing endurance at max speed longer throughout a race.

  • Special Procedure:  Tech suits should only be worn in pre-race warm up sessions and racing only.  In order to conserve the structure and durability of the suit, you should not do general warm-ups or practice in suits unless the coaches specify differently. These guidelines are designed to utilize the championship suits, as well as the swimmers training efforts.


  • ie Speedo LZR Elite



  • Swimsuit Philosophy of ACAC -

Simply put, We wear training suits in practices, racing suits at in-season meets, and championship/tech suits when we are resting or peaking our training.  Championship/Tech suits are completely unnecessary for 10&under athletes.  The swimmers on ACAC are trained to improve their racing strategies and encouraged to gain strength and endurance through their training plans, in an effort to lower their times.  The coaching staff would like the kids focussed on how they are swimming their races, rather than feeling a dependency on a swimsuit for their confidence.  

What is peaking? The swimmers training plans are built to maximize rest cycles about every 4 months, not once per month at every meet of the season.  Assuming the athlete has followed a large percentage of the training plan, there will be a rest phase (for all training/age groups) designed to allow their muscles to heal and maximize their gained power and endurance.

Paying for a Championship/Tech suit can be expensive. The swimmers are not utilizing the value of the suit by swimming in-season meets where they are tired from their training plans, and they are not doing themselves any favors by relying on the suits to swim their races for them.  Those who do, tend to develop a kind of dependency on the suit, as if it's “what I need to swim fast.”  Athletes do not need to wear these suits during in-season meets unless otherwise instructed.  Championship/Tech suits are very beneficial in a race where the athlete is peaking and maximizing the rest phase of their training plan.