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Group Description Cost
Junior 2 Building basic skills and foundations for competition, this group is designed for those swimmers focused on the fundamentals, and swimmers new to the sport.  Typically 8-10 years old and practice up to 4 days each week. Swimmers will focus on learning, begin to master each stroke, make friends, and having fun!    $1,100
Junior 1 Swimmers who have mastered each stroke, this group is designed to refine the fundamental skills and build age appropriate endurance.  Typically 10-14 years old and may practice up to 6 days each week. Swimmers will work toward setting and achieving specific goals.  $1,800
Turbo Swimmers who have mastered each stroke and are SES qualifiers. Typically 11-13 year old training for higher performance.  Dryland and some swimming in collaboration with age groupers with a fun and social connection to their team identity while preparing to be strong competitors. Practices are 6 days per week. 


Fusion Designed for swimmers on the Elite group track. Typically 13-14 year old training focused on skill acquisition for 100 & 200 stroke and 200/400 IM.  Well rounded athletes training up with Elite group 2-3x a week and training with strong swimming skills, developmentally appropriate nutrition, fitness, mental skills and proprioception with the Turbo group 2-3 times a week. Practices are 6 days per week. $2,200
Speed & Strength Middle and high school aged swimmers who are committed to competing in swim meets. Typically 14-18 years old and focused on some local USA Swimming meets and high school swimmers who are focused on their high school team.  Athletes will focus on (mostly) 50/100s of stroke and sprint endurance, mobility/weights and social aspects of the sport (1 hour sprint training and regular circuit training).  Practices are 6 days per week.  $1,800
Elite Our highest level group, designed for the most committed athletes. Typically 15-18 year olds and dedicated high performers who are seeking to advance through the higher level meets, starting with Southeastern Swimming Championships, and progressing through Junior Nationals. Practices are 5 mornings per week, with 4 second practices in the afternoons, as well as dryland and weight training 3 days per week each. $2,400

Fees cover both short course and long course training seasons and may be paid in one installment or monthly.

**Multiple athlete discount available for families with more than 1 Athlete.  See Fees tab.

***Membership fees do not include costs associated with swim meets (coaching fees, event costs, or travel), One-Time Addtional Membership Fee ($75 for 3 t-shirts, 2 swim caps, and communication platform), or USA Swimming Registration fees (paid directly to USA Swimming).***  See Fees tab.


Equipment list:

Junior 1 & 2 : Speedo long tip FINS (or similar), kickboard, pull buoy, mesh bag and water bottle                

Turbo, S&S and Fusion : snorkel, strokemaker paddles, bandSpeedo long tip FINS (or similar), kickboard, pull buoy, mesh bag and water bottle 

Elite : Arena PowerFins, Band, snorkel, strokemaker paddles, band, kickboard, pull buoy, mesh bag and water bottle