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Group Description Cost
Junior 3 Swimmers are typically new to the sport and 8 years old or younger. Practice three days per week and focus is on learning the strokes, making friends and having fun! $1300
Junior 2 Expanding on foundations, this group is designed to refine the fundamentals, and offer more practices for novice swimmers as they begin longer distance events. Typically 9-11 years old and may practice up to 5 days each week. Swimmers will begin to master each stroke.  $1,300
Junior 1 Swimmers who have mastered each stroke. Typically 10-14 years old and may practice up to 6 days each week. Swimmers will work toward setting and achieving specific goals. $1,900
Senior 2 Middle and high school aged swimmers who are committed to competing in swim meets. Typically 13-18 years old and focused on higher level meets in USA Swimming, and high school swimmers who are focused on their high school team with some local USA Swimming meets, as well.  Practices are 6 days per week.  $2,100
Senior 1 Our highest level group, designed for the most committed athletes. Typically 15-18 year olds who are seeking to advance through the higher level meets, starting with Southeastern Swimming Championships, and progressing through Junior Nationals. Practices are 6 mornings per week, with 3 second practices in the afternoons, as well as dryland and weight training 3 days per week. $2,300

Fees cover both short course and long course training seasons and may be paid in one installment or monthly.

In addition, each athlete will be charged a separate $140 fee to cover USA Swimming registration as well as team cap, shirts and communication platform..

Membership fees do not include costs associated with swim meets (coaching fees, event costs or travel)