MESA Swim Club Seadogs is a year round USA Swimming organization committed to our swimmers and our long tradition of training athletes. It is our mission to teach and develop athletes of high integrity and character first and elite performance second.  As coaches, we strive daily to discuss with our athletes what it means to be a high character person and a high character athlete and help them develop the skills necessary to progress in that direction for a lifetime.

We offer programs starting at pre competitive level swim team all the way up through the highest levels of club swimming. No matter where your child is in their development, we have the right place for you. Our club is divided into 2 Teams, with multiple skill groups in each Team.

COMPETITIVE TEAM is designed for the serious competitive swimmer. There are performance requirements and a certain level of commitment required to train with this portion of our team. 

Any USA-registered swimmer inquiring about transferring teams must contact Coach Janine Simioni at 480-807-3317. 
 PRE COMPETITIVE TEAM is designed for those swimmers who are new to the sport, currently developing their skills, or who are not ready to give a full commitment to the Competitive Team. This program will not only develop the fundamental skills necessary to be a great swimmer but also educate both parents and swimmers of the full commitment required to be a highly competitive (and successful) swimmer. It also offers a place for kids that excel in multiple sports/activities to keep swimming a part of their life. 




Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide a diverse aquatic program centered on competitive swimming, proper swim technique and to have fun while emphasizing family first. Its dedication and pride revolves around the arena of swimming.

Vision Statement:

MESA Swim Club Seadogs vision is to be safe in the water while having fun! Wet, Water, Life

Philosophy Statement:

The philosophy of the Mesa Swim Club is the respect for swimmers, parents, and coaching staff. It is our goal to provide an environment that is free of hostility, intimidation and harassment of any kind. WE encourage swimmers to develop respect for themselves and for their fellow swimmers and others. Therefore, Mesa Swim Club has developed a policy against harassment of any kind.