Introduction to Mermaid Swimming:

This is a 1 hour class

Whether you are joining us for the first time or have been swimming for years, your first visit wont be your last! We want you to have an AWESOME experience in our pool. 

The mermaids and mersharks will learn synchronized and monofin swimming in a fairytale come true for children as they master various moves and techniques. For all our adults, it offers a fun and unique core workout for any body shape. 

This class will also teach adults to learn how to exercise and burn calories. This class includes the rental of monofin and tail. When you have completed the class you will know the following steps which is very important when using a monofin and tail.

1. Float on back for 30 seconds

2. Roll from front float to back float with control

3. Swim 25 yards and breathe unassisted during the swim

4. Dolphin kick on front at least 5 kicks, breathe and repeat for 25 yards

5. Dolphin kick on back for 5 kicks and control moving to your stomach

6. Learn to put mono fins on and swim with them 25 yards on your stomach with controlled breathing

7. Learn to put mono fins on and swim with them 25 yards on your back with controlled breathing